Balcony Glass Rooms

Revamp Your Terrace and Balcony With Glass

Few places can be as versatile in our homes and offer as many possibilities as a balcony, which can quickly become the pride and joy for many homeowners with a balcony glass system. The sky’s the limit when we consider the exciting range of opportunities this often misunderstood space has to offer.

Having emphasized that your balconies are the most ignored space by you, even though it’s your favourite corner of the house. Nowadays, balconies are often constructed out of glass because of their aesthetic appeal, ease of care, and technological ability. A glass balcony or a balcony room is, without a doubt, a lovely and practical way for a homeowner to improve the aesthetics and functionality of an outdoor area, whether it is a patio, deck, or garden space. They can be constructed with a glass canopy, which helps protect the users from less than ideal weather conditions and ensures they can be used and enjoyed more often. A fully enclosed glass balcony room can serve as a sunroom, allowing sunlight to stream into the space, further enhancing the appeal.

What Is Balcony Glass?

Simply put, balcony glass protects and covers your balcony in style. These glass panels are rock-solid and can withstand the rigours of external elements like wind, thunderstorms, and dust. Whether an intimate dinner with your loved ones or a full-blown birthday bash, balcony glass brings the outdoors inside in a spellbinding manner.

If you are looking to revamp your balcony, installing a glass enclosure is the way to go! Lend a sense of openness to your entire home and maximise the flow of natural light showering inside.

Types of Balcony Glass

You can customise balcony glass enclosures into any dimension or thickness, depending on your spatial requirements. While there are several tailor-made balcony glass designs that you can discuss with your experts, two of the most popular options are listed below.


As the name suggests, such glass enclosures are installed from ceiling to floor but on the inner side of the balcony balustrade. Here, robust aluminium profiles support the tempered or laminated glass panels. This design doubly fortifies your balcony by essentially lending it with two railings.


This structure is also installed with the help of aluminium profiles mounted onto the roof till the railing. Tempered or laminated glass panes with customisable density are then fastened to these attached aluminium profiles.

A glass balustrade can also make a considerable difference to outdoor spaces, creating a beautiful cosy corner in the house to hang out with friends, entertain guests or simply grab a sack and relax. Having a glass balustrade installed is just one way to enhance any outdoor space; however, there are other ways as well.

For instance, creating an outdoor dining area is an excellent example of residential engineering that will improve the look of your home but the value of it as well. A glass balcony is a multi-purpose home investment improvement and is as small or as large as your budget and design goals permit. Whether a small space, such as a typical Juliet balcony or something more significant, installing a balcony will ensure that you take full advantage of what your home and its surroundings have to offer. You can also use a more oversized glass balcony with a frameless glass balustrade to entertain family and friends, as a quiet space when you need some alone time, or even used as a place to do arts and crafts.

Both types of balcony glass panels are very sturdy and resistant to heat and moisture. They can also withstand strong gushes of wind and insulate your home against pollution and dust.

Why Choose Balcony Glass for Your Home?

If you are also sitting on the fence regarding your luxury home construction, take the plunge! Be it a brand new home or revamping an existing luxury mansion, balconies should be given precedence – consider its décor and utility carefully while choosing construction materials, colours, furniture pieces, tapestry, etc. The value of a balcony only falls when one perceives it as just another sitting area, thinking in terms of its length and breadth.

However, this space is no less significant than the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom. Why? Because time spent gazing into the eternal beauty of the exterior world is as effective in reviving the spirits as a hearty meal, a good night’s sleep, or a relaxing bath.

Plus, a well-planned and designed balcony can provide several other benefits; you can have a mini reading corner, grow your mini herb garden, use it as an alfresco dining or lounging area, install a swing bench with some throw-pillows for that stress-free afternoon nap, give it a vacation vibe with a hammock, among others.

To enjoy the best of these myriads of views, you may rely on the glass as your single-stop solution owing to its intrinsic transparent nature and advanced technological advancements that take care of other needs.

Given below are a few tips to help you decide on the balcony glass for your luxury home.

Protects the Balcony

Frameless balcony glass panels keep unwanted environmental elements like dust, pollution, birds, mosquitoes, and rain from mucking up space. These surfaces substantially reduce the time spent on balcony maintenance and repairs.

Balcony glass enclosures also provide excellent noise insulation. This feature is beneficial if your home is on a busy street. When combined with the right kind of glazing, these panels can reduce the outside noise by at least 50%. This benefit ensures that you never have to wake up to the sound of horns honking and sirens blaring.

If your home is on a lower floor, these enclosures also enhance the overall safety of your home. You can climb an open balcony on a lower level more quickly. Even if there is a secure door between the balcony entrance and your home, an unwarranted intrusion into the space is highly undesirable.

Breathtaking View, All Day Every Day

As mentioned earlier, perhaps, like the others, outstanding and soul-calming outdoor views were the prime reason for you to purchase your luxury home in the area that you did — as such, installing balcony glass will ensure that you get to revel in its glory all day, every day. It will allow you to have unobstructed visibility – what could be better than sipping morning coffee or digging into evening snacks on the lap of nature! However, ensure that the glass balustrades have a good height, especially if there are kids involved, or you can even have an all-enclosed balcony glass area.

Adds Outdoor Lounging Space

Most homeowners consider the balcony as separate from other areas of their homes. The result of this segregation leaves such a premium outdoor space unused. Balcony glass improves the fundamental usability of this area. Additionally, you can throw in a few lounge chairs or install a small gazebo if your balcony is big enough and turn it into a fantastic place to entertain guests.

Balcony glass turns the space into an additional room, opening up to panoramic views and endless possibilities. Whether you are seeking solitude or holding a meeting, you can do it all without leaving the comfort of your home.

Enhances Safety

You may have a substantially-sized balcony but still cannot allow children to play there due to safety concerns. Balcony glass panels can help you get rid of such fears. A closed balcony is entirely safe for children to move around without going too close to the edge because there essentially exists no advantage after panel installation.

If you are an animal lover, you can let your pets wander off into the balcony without having to worry about their safety. These structures also award your felines and canines a sense of being outdoors for longer than usual.

You Can Never Have Too Much Privacy!

Perhaps your luxury home location is entirely free from curious eyes; however, there can be occasions when you don’t want to take the chance – think lounging or dining out with friends and family or your sacred time alone for hobbies. Well, with a unique kind of balcony glass – smart or switchable glass – you can enjoy privacy on-demand, resting at the very tip of your fingers.

Using a remote control, you can adjust the opacity levels of the glass – transparent, opaque, and everything in between. However, for this to happen, you must opt for a glass-enclosed balcony. And what’s more is that smart glass keeps harmful UV rays and heat at bay, allowing only natural light to enter. Hence, having enclosed smart balcony glass installed is a win-win situation for you and your planters, tapestry, and furniture that get to stay safe from non-typical weather elements.

Something to Consider

If you love the evening breeze that blows into your home, get retractable balcony glass panels installed. Retractable wall glass panels can be fully or partially opened, generally with the help of a handle, similar to that of a car door.

Smart glass in balconies and terraces: Technological innovation for uncompromised privacy!

The term smart glass may sound a bit futuristic to you, so let us demystify it. Smart glass uses the latest technologies to prevent light and sound from entering the room. When a particular light frequency hits it, the glass turns translucent, ensuring privacy. Depending on the type of smart glass you’re getting, you can even enjoy temperature control. This makes it ideal for people who live in hot and humid parts of the country!

Are there different types of smart glass technologies you can choose to enhance your privacy?

Yes! You can create a smart glass balcony that employs any of the following features to give you the perfect ambience based on your needs.

  • View control glass for your glass balcony

  • A view control glass balcony can be perfect for residential areas. This is because this type of glass can turn from transparent to translucent with different viewing angles. Through this function, it helps you maintain privacy.

  • Smart glass with integrated blinds

  • Curtains and blinds require regular maintenance. When they are dirty, your entire room can end up looking a little shabby. A great way to do away with curtains and blinds without compromising privacy is by getting smart glass with integrated blinds. This type of smart glass has small blinds that are built onto the panels. You can control these blinds. As a user, you can decide when to close the blinds as per your needs. These are great options for people who want to retain their privacy while still using clear glass as a decor element in their homes.

  • Switchable glass for your glass balcony

  • Here’s another type of smart glass balcony you can choose to ensure your privacy. A polymer dispersed liquid crystal glass balcony can look quite chic – all you have to do is click a button, and they will make the glass translucent, thereby protecting your privacy.

What are the advantages of a smart glass balcony?

There are many benefits to getting a smart glass balcony for your home or your office space. Some of these benefits include:

  • They are great to look at

  • A glass balcony can help make the room feel larger while letting you enjoy the views. Homes facing parks, trees or open roads can undoubtedly benefit from this!

  • They let in light

  • Every homeowner wants a space with much sunlight. By creating a glass balcony, you can let in a fair bit of light (as long as your home faces the sun) and enjoy a naturally beautiful ambience.

  • They give you additional space

  • A glass balcony works as a great seating area. If you’re someone who entertains many people, this can do wonders for you. You can place a few comfortable chairs, tables and lush green plants for effortless decor.

  • They provide heat insulation

  • A glass balcony made with thermo-chromatic glass can help you control the amount of heat entering your home. As a result, you can even save money on your electricity bills as you won’t have to run the AC for a very long time (or at extremely cool temperatures).

  • They provide sound insulation

  • When made with suitable types of frames (such as Upvc frames), a glass balcony can even offer a certain level of sound insulation. This makes it an excellent fit for office space as your client-facing employees can occasionally step out to take calls and enjoy their privacy.

  • They provide all the privacy you’ll need

  • The best feature of a smart glass balcony is the fact that the glass turns opaque, letting you enjoy high levels of privacy. Even if your living room has a glass balcony on three sides, you’ll still be able to keep your private affairs to yourself, thanks to this handy feature. Also, you can control the opacity to your liking, making it a reasonably customisable part.

Where can you get a high-quality smart glass?

At Glasxperts, we offer high-quality solutions so that you can build the perfect glass balcony for your home or office space. We are a division of AIS glass, India’s leading name when it comes to glass for the architecture and automotive industries. As a result, we can always assure our customers that our product is durable and looks great. Whether you are building your new home or office space, you can always count on us to create the perfect glass balcony that suits your needs.

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