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Security Solutions for Retail Spaces

Brands nowadays leave no opportunity to attract their customers no matter it is in mall or street market. Any retail shop is incomplete without the finishing of the storefronts. The display racks which are inviting, creative and visually appealing helps a lot in attracting the customers. Using glass cabinets in the store front gives shop owners an opportunity to accentuate their best products with the theme and style of the shop. Mostly in clothing and jewelry shops customers get an idea what the shop offers even before they enter the shop. This way the glass cabinets helps in attracting customers who are actually interested in the products. This saves a lot of time for customers and shop owners.


AIS Showroom glass

There is no doubt that a glass display carry style and grace to the shop. However, for the shop owners the biggest problem has always been the durability and security of the glass they are installing. This problem seems to be fading with the introduction of advanced secure glasses which are 4 to 5 times more impact resistant than ordinary glass. These glasses are now more strong, sturdy and durable. Tempered glass by Glasxperts is not only 4-5 times stronger than the ordinary glass but also minimizes the risk of damage even in the extreme cases ensuring that the valuables are theft-proof. Another glass which is heat-strengthened laminated glass gives a combination of lasting strength and pleasing aesthetics. These types of glasses are most appropriate for windows, railing, canopy and doors.


The basic requirements of any shop owner before installing a glass is that it should protect the shop from the theft and also keep the staff and customers safe in case the glass is broken. Glasxperts solves these basic requirements of safety and security for their customers.


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