Glass Walkways: Why you Should Choose Them For Your Home
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Renovate Your Home with Stunning Glass Walkways

Posted Date: May 27, 2020

Glass has recently emerged as a versatile, stylish, and pragmatic construction material. The usage of glass in homes is no longer limited to windows, doors, and cabinets. Advancements in glassmaking technology have made glass stronger, allowing it to be used in a variety of ways like walls, partitions, flooring, and facades.

Glass flooring is one of the most exciting usages of glass in residential spaces. Glass walkways, bridges, or flooring was once restricted to large showrooms, but can now be observed in the best-designed residences. These walkways renovate your home immediately and make it maximally functional and incredibly appealing. Endless aesthetic possibilities and benefits exist when it comes to glass walkways, and all of them make it perfect for modern homes.

Why Should You Choose Glass Walkways for Your Home?

The sudden hype surrounding glass walkways in residential buildings is wholly justified. Glass flooring has several matchless qualities that make it perfect for homes of all types and sizes. Here are some of the best advantages of having glass walkways in your sweet abode.


A common myth surrounding glass walkways and bridges is that they are not strong. While regular glass is extremely fragile and unfit for walking on, glass walkways are made using special toughened or laminated glass that are highly resistant to external impact. Some glass walkways are even stronger than ceramic tiles that chip easily on suffering a heavy impact. Since glass tiles are strong, they tend to last for years without developing chips and cracks.


In the past few decades, ecologically sustainable construction has been given precedence. Construction materials like bricks, mortar, ceramic etc. are usually not wholly recyclable and end up polluting the environment. Glass tiles, on the other hand, are manufactured in a controlled setting and with non-toxic and easily recyclable materials. Glass walkways, therefore, make your home eco-friendly and bring you closer to nature.


Most homeowners install several lights throughout their home to keep it adequately lit. They end up spending thousands on electricity bills, defying sustainability and energy-saving goals. Since glass tiles partially reflect and refract light, they serve as excellent aids to your home’s lighting. Glass walkways naturally transmit light from one point to another and brighten up your space without any effort on your part. For this reason, they are perfect for staircases or dark hallways.

Easy Maintenance

No matter how excellent your home’s construction and design materials are, they need regular maintenance to stay as good as new. Ceramic tiles, wooden floors, or brick and cement floors require frequent cleanings to avoid developing permanent stains or mould. Glass walkways rarely stain, and even when they do, they can be cleaned very easily. They also do not scratch easily and remain free of mildew and mould since they are synthetic. These features make glass walkways extremely easy to maintain and take away the hassle of deep-cleaning your floors regularly.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The natural brilliance of glass is unmatched. No matter how beautiful your floors already are, nothing can match the sheen and sleekness of glowing glass walkways. Glass walkways instantly amp up the aesthetic value of your home and help you make an adventurous style statement. They are also incredibly versatile and fit in well with a lot of décor and design choices. In short, they are the best way to enhance your home’s design.

Design Choices

Since glass is transparent, it is a common misconception that there aren’t many design choices available when it comes to glass walkways. Most glass walkways can be customised in terms of shapes, sizes, opacity, and sometimes even shades. No matter where you want glass walkways in your home, you can experiment with different types of glass flooring and their designs.

Why Choose AIS Glasxperts for Your Glass Walkways?

Blending the best of pragmatism and style, glass walkways complete your home’s unique interiors. If you have decided to adorn your living space with stunning glass walkways, contact AIS Glasxperts. AIS Glasxperts’ glass flooring is coated with Sentry PVB, which makes our walkways incredibly strong and long-lasting. We do not abandon you at any stage of shopping or installation, and take full responsibility of gracing your interiors with glowing glass walkways. Our experts begin by inspecting your space and create a detailed report of their analysis. Thereafter, we design the most suitable glass walkways for your space and help you shop for the right products. Our technicians will then visit your home and complete a seamless installation process. In case you are left dissatisfied with our services, you can contact our customer services team.

AIS Glasxperts makes the process of installing glass walkways in your building extremely easy. For holistic glass solutions and a hassle-free experience, contact AIS Glasxperts today!

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