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Reasons Why uPVC Doors and Windows Are Accepted Worldwide

Posted Date: Jul 03, 2020

Multipurpose functionality at economical rates? That’s uPVC profiles for you. Offering a host of benefits, from superior insulation to premium aesthetics, it is no wonder that uPVC windows and doors have taken the market by storm. First, let’s get to know the material.

What is uPVC? 

Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride or uPVC is a type of plastic powder. To make uPVC profiles for windows and doors, it is first heated at high temperatures and injected into a mould. Several cooling methods are applied to the substance.

Once the substance cools down, it is cut and prepared to be assembled along with other components. This is how uPVC windows and doors are manufactured. 

Unmatched Benefits

uPVC windows and doors are renowned for multipurpose functionality and performance. From security, energy-efficiency, durability, to aesthetic appeal, and more – uPVC profiles are superior, which is why most uPVC profiles last for up to 50 years, if not more. Besides, uPVC windows and doors offer a host of benefits, as given below. 

Enhanced Security 

uPVC profiles are inherently strong, showing high resilience to both natural factors and intruders – heavy wind loads, temperature fluctuations, burglars, you name it. Besides, different locking systems and safety glass can be added to uPVC windows and doors for the ultimate level of security. 


On average, uPVC profiles last for up to 50 years and often, with minimal to zero upkeep. Highly durable, uPVC profiles show strong resilience against termites, rot, tensile stress, among others. Resistant to UV rays, they do not fade even if exposed to harsh sunlight for long periods. 


No need for frequent cleaning or upkeep to keep the uPVC profiles looking anew. You only need soap and water to clean your uPVC windows and doors thoroughly. Even hard stains can be removed easily. They retain their shine without routine repainting, varnishing, or sanding and last for decades on end. 


uPVC windows and doors are natural insulators with low heat conductivity. Consequently, they can regulate the heating and cooling conditions by reducing heat gain, making the interiors more comfortable. This helps in saving energy bills. uPVC profiles can insulate your home against pollen, dust, smog, and pollution as well, thanks to airtight seals. 


uPVC profiles offer excellent insulation against noise. In fact, uPVC windows and doors can be used to reduce noise by almost 90% when used with double-glazing windows. By using uPVC doors and windows, you can easily create a peaceful ambience for your home by cancelling out excessive noise. 

Style Flexibility

Design flexibility is a prominent feature of uPVC profiles. Available in diverse colours and designs –uPVC windows and doors make for excellent aesthetic additions. They can be powder-coated to suit any décor style. Get highly stylish, modern styles – from industrial, contemporary to minimalist, and more. No other alternative allows such flexibility and dynamism when it comes to style. 


uPVC is a natural flame-retardant profile. In case a fire breaks out, the chlorine content of uPVC acts as a flame retardant. uPVC windows and doors are slow to catch or spread the fire and self-extinguish, making it a far safer choice for emergencies. 

All-Weather Resistance 

Harsh weather conditions have zero impact on uPVC profiles. Resistant to tensile stress, wind impact, torrential rain, and UV rays, uPVC windows and doors offer excellent all-weather protection. Even after decades, they do not show any signs of weathering. uPVC profiles are airtight and waterproof, offering greater weather performance. 

Resistant to Corrosion 

Unlike stock windows and doors, uPVC profiles are resistant to corrosion. They can last decades without fading away, drying out, peeling, or rotting under harsh weather conditions—no need for frequent powder coating the uPVC profiles. If you live in tropical or sub-tropical climate zones, uPVC windows and doors are great investments. 


The affordability of uPVC windows and doors is unrivalled. You get a host of benefits at economical rates, without compromising on form or function. Even after sales, the maintenance cost of uPVC profiles is lower in comparison to stock windows and doors.

Sustainable Option 

uPVC windows and doors are the top choice among eco-conscious customers. This is because the material is entirely non-toxic, reducing carbon footprint and posing no serious threat to the environment.  

Over to You 

Few windows and door profiles offer premium benefits at such affordable rates, which is why uPVC windows and doors are accepted worldwide. You can score exceptional functional benefits with a single purchase – acoustic, visual, thermal, among others. Lastly, because uPVC is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and recyclable profile, it makes for a better alternative.

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