Top Reasons Why People Prefer Glass Doors with Wooden Frame
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Reasons Why People Prefer Glass Door with Wood Frame

Transform Your Home with Wooden Glass Doors

Posted Date: Oct 19, 2020

Glass Door with Wood Frame

Generations have passed, but wooden material has been the apple of people’s eyes since time unknown. Glass doors with wood frames offer the perfect balance to replicate a sense of nostalgic presence accompanied with a hint of modernisation. The rustic disposition has the potential to add oomph to create a lavish household or a sophisticated office, making it one of the most preferred materials for architectonic beautification as well as resolute quality.

They are equipped with exceptional modern functionalities combined with a keen detail to aesthetics, providing a range of colour contrasts to compliment and bring out an extravagant ambience for living or working spaces. Architects and interior designers are delighted to use the finesse of a glass door with wood frame, and the owners are proud to have them.

There are innumerable advantages of having glass door with wood frame, and this article focuses on why these door types have such a huge fan-following.

Versatility of Application

Glass door with wood frames accentuate detailed décor and provide a universal pairing with any kind of spaces. The door type may date back centuries, yet it is one style that never gets old – you can have a glass door with wood frame installed in residential spaces, commercial buildings, warm and inviting restaurants and guesthouses, even the healthcare sector can revel in the beauty and warmth such a door type offers.

Durability and Strength

For being a considerably light building material, wood outperforms even steel when it comes to self-support length. Simply put, it is able to support its own weight better, which allows for larger spaces and fewer necessary supports in some building designs, and is also a great choice when it comes to providing a strong base for glass doors. A glass door with wood frame can use a high-grade tempered glass or distortion-free, sand-blasted laminated glass for durability and security purposes, eliminating the need for grills and unnecessary clutter.

Acoustic Dilution

Wood, on its own, has the capacity to absorb sounds, an ideal feature to minimise echo in living and offices surroundings. The addition of a glass solution with PVB interlayer reduces sound up to a whopping 50 to 60% more, making glass door with wood frame an ideal material for partitions, doors and windows, office cabins, etc.

Sustainable Advantage

In the midst of an era populated by conservational and sustainable development, wood provides a Green option due to its renewability and emits considerably low amounts of VOCs compared to steel, concrete, etc. A glass door with wood frame accommodated by solar glass with thermal insulation (Low E) properties promotes energy efficiency by providing insulation against the unwanted heat and glare but allowing copious amounts of natural light into the space.

Interchangeable Privacy

Advancements in glass technology have made it easy to enjoy privacy, as and when needed. A glass door with wood frame installed with smart of switchable glass can go from transparent to translucent and vice-versa with merely the click of a remote button.

Low Maintenance

Naturally, wood is indeed vulnerable against elements such as moisture and termites; however, you still have nothing to fear as modern-day glass door with wood frame are not made with untreated wood. Using innovative technologies, wood can be made resistant to moisture, termites, and wind and dust, among others. As a result, the door will require minimal maintenance and will be durable and long-lasting.

Unmatched Visual Appeal

A glass door with wood frame offers mesmerising interior as well as exterior design opportunities along with an excellent, long-lasting finish that propagates a majestic aesthetic ambience. The glass aspect provides a wide range of aesthetic-oriented designs like enamel painted tempered glass solution, crackled glass, etched glass, back-painted glass etc. in a variety of eccentric colours and patterns. Sunlight passes through the glass due to transparency and creates a naturally lit up interior zone which enhances the beautification, warmth, and comfort of the space.

Weather Resilience

Wood embodies a natural resistance to electrical conduction when dried to standard moisture content (MC) levels. Its durability and structure are unaffected by heat, impact, pests, etc. eliminating the issues of warping, swelling, bending or getting weathered. The double glazed unit glass solution, hard-coated reflective glass, glass with heat-reflective technology, etc. provides additional resistance to heat, permits superior solar control, and provides UV protection and long-lasting performance.

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