Benefits to Install Aluminium Sliding Doors at Your Garage
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Reasons to Install Aluminium Sliding Doors at Your Garage

Posted Date: Jun 01, 2020

When it comes to home designing, most homeowners are pumped about the look and feel of their living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, even patios; however, other important spaces do not receive their due attention, say, the garage for instance. What’s even sadder is that a lot of people do not even consider having a garage!

If your vehicle is your mechanical lady-love, then a garage for her safety must be on top of your priority list. And when it comes to choosing the ideal door design, nothing beats aluminium sliding doors. Here’s why installing aluminium sliding doors in your garage is a smart decision. 

Stability and Strength of Aluminium

Aluminium is counted among the toughest materials on earth. No wonder it’s a cherished choice for a variety of applications – in cars, appliances, accessories, infrastructure, furniture, and as a framing material in aluminium sliding doors. This is because it has a high strength-to-weight ratio. And what is so surprising is that despite being so strong and stable, the metal is pretty lightweight.

When strained with force, aluminium stabilises the pressure by spreading it across the door surface, making it very challenging to break through. Hence, where matters of safety and security are concerned, you can bank on aluminium. This makes aluminium sliding doors a smart choice for a garage, ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

Endurance of Aluminium Sliding Doors

Here’s a fun fact for you - Aluminium has a higher life span than an average human being! Let that sink in for a while.

On an average, aluminium framing lasts for about eighty years. This means your aluminium sliding doors will literally last you a lifetime! The metal’s durability can be attributed to its inherent nature – low-maintenance. Aluminium is corrosion, chemical, dust, scratch, moisture, and termite-resistant. Instead of heavy maintenance, a simple wipe with a dry dust cloth once a week is enough to keep them looking as new. Moreover, owing to thermal break technology, modern aluminium remains unaffected by high temperature as well.

For tough places like the garage that is prone to dust, heat, scratches, and the elements, aluminium sliding doors are an ideal choice.

Space-efficient Mechanism

Traditional doors either swing inwards or outwards, stealing away space from either the inner-garage area or the driveway. Operating them recurrently can cause scratches, dents, and even minor accidents.

Unlike conventional doors, aluminium sliding doors slide along a track, where one panel glides over the other. Since these doors move back and forth to open and close, they maximise space. Depending upon the garage size, installing an aluminium sliding door can even maximise its area for a two-wheeler.

Moreover, aluminium sliding doors facilitate swift and easy movements. They’re superior to other door-types that start producing cranky noises within a few months of installation. Since aluminium cannot corrode or rust, their flawless operating action stays as-it-is for extended periods.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that aluminium as a metal is full of breath-taking contradictions. For example – despite being so strong, aluminium is malleable enough to be moulded in any shape of your choice. Hence, your aluminium sliding doors can be developed in any size you want.

The size of aluminium framing doesn’t affect its toughness, which is why it’s apt for all kinds of garages – standard, compact, apartment, oversized, etc. You can also multiply the glass panels (based on the garage’s dimensional and functional needs). There are double-glazed and even triple-glazed glass sheets available for your choice.

Aesthetic Appeal

Garages are often looked upon as the most unwelcoming portion of house architecture. Adorning its ghastly storage-like aesthetics with an innovative glass design would probably enhance its look. Aluminium sliding doors come with avant-garde customisations. The metal can be powder-coated to the colour of your choice and based on the type of glass you use, you can alter the look from bland to eye-catching. For instance – if you need a pop of colour, you can go for backpainted glass, if you want a translucent, eccentric look, you can go for frosted glass, and so on. 

Thermal Insulation

Did you know that excessive weather swings can damage your automobiles? Erratic weather conditions can thwart your vehicles’ functioning - dashboard issues, bikes can lose fuel, body-paints can wither away and many more. To handle such a situation, the right kind of garage door can help.

Here’s why aluminium sliding door is the right choice – When coupled with low-E or insulated glass, ideal interior temperatures can be maintained throughout the year. Moreover, since sliding doors can even be wall-size, the thermal insulation will work better as compared to some other door type.

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