Why Everyone Prefers Customized Bathroom Glass Door
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Reasons Why Everyone Prefers Customized Bathroom Glass Door

Posted Date: Jun 14, 2020

 “The best kinds of customisations are the ones that not only enhance the architecture – but also add value to the life of its residents.”

The grace and convenience of a stylish bathroom are matchless. Calling a bathroom just a personal space would be an understatement; it is almost a sacred place for many where they can wash off the stresses of the day, take an hour-long stress-releasing salt bath as skin-care routine, even sing and dance their hearts out without the fear of prying eyes. However, it is also important to remember that it is the bathroom door that makes all this possible. Why? The bathroom door creates a sense of privacy without compromising on natural light; its design and style even helps space-utilisation and aesthetic appeal. However, is there a single material that can offer all such benefits?

Why yes, glass! Long been a favourite among architects and interior designers, a customised bathroom glass door might be the only change your bathroom may need to transform on a whole new level!  Let us find out how.

For Larger Bathrooms

For crisp, modern, and marble-clad luxurious bathrooms, you need a door that can seamlessly blend in with the relaxing master bathtub, glamorous vanity, and sleek shower. And what material could be better than glass to exude the grandeur you’re looking for! Even under bathroom glass doors, you can opt for the door of your choice from among a wide range of styles – maybe French bathroom glass doors that make the space look even grander and brighter or sliding glass doors that can even replace entire walls! You can even customise the frame colours to match the colour-code of the rest of your bathroom. With a bathroom glass door, you can create a modern and sleek space that mid-afternoon dreams are made of.

For Modest Bathrooms

Does your bathroom lean more towards the compact, minimalist kinds? Well, even so, there is no need for you to compromise on its look or functionality. In fact, with the right bathroom glass door, you will only enhance the beauty and utility of your relaxing haven. For modest bathrooms, sliding bathroom glass door works best as they are apt for space-saving. However, even under sliding doors, you get to choose pocket sliding doors that easily slide into a pocket in the adjacent wall, maximising space two-fold! Moreover, sliding bathroom glass doors can be customised in a variety of frame colours, texture, sizes, etc. to suit your unique bathroom.

For the Best of Both Worlds

Now, a bathroom is one space where you may need both optimal natural light and privacy. But, how can you really achieve both using glass? Well, the right question is, how can you not? Advancements in glass technology have made it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds – think frosted or tinted or smart glass. All these glasses obscure vision adequately but they do not completely block out natural daylight from invading the interiors; smart glass allows you the luxury of having privacy on-demand! So, by installing a bathroom glass door in any of the above-mentioned glass types, you need not endure dull and dim bathrooms; neither do you need to put up with privacy issues.

For Low-Maintenance Needs

If there is any place that needs utmost hygiene-care, it is the bathroom. Home to dead skin cells, shedding hair, bacteria and other germs, it is important to ensure that the bathroom remains neat and tidy at all times. And being a part of it, the bathroom door also demands upkeep. However, a bathroom glass door will demand comparatively low maintenance. This is due to the intrinsic nature of glass – dust, corrosion, termite, mould and mildew, moisture-resistant. A simple wipe using a clean dust cloth every now and then will suffice. 

In Summation

So you see, a bathroom glass door in and of itself can lend your space a more organised and striking look. You can easily opt for a host of customisations and experiment with them – not just in terms of the door style, but also in terms of the glass’ glazing, frame material and colour, door size, texture, and more.

All set to transform your bathroom using a bathroom glass door but not sure where to find a reliable glass provider? Why contact AIS Glasxperts! We are a Strategic Business Unit of the largest integrated glass manufacturer of India – Asahi India Glass Limited. As such, we offer a huge variety of glass solutions for all kinds of needs – security, privacy, energy-efficiency, and acoustic insulation. Not sure which glass to install? No problem! Our experts offer 360-degree support, right from product selection to installation to even after-sales support.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and get a custom bathroom glass door installed!

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