Why Aluminium Window Frames are Popular for Indian Homes
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Why Aluminium Frame Windows are Popular in Indian Homes

Importance of Aluminium Frame Windows

Posted Date: Dec 12, 2020

or other installations to your house. In this area, aluminium frame windows have much to offer you in the form of a charming, understated appeal. The frame can be shaped into slim, sleek strips that blend pretty well with the rest of the room. Because these windows can hold large panes of glass without requiring division into sections, they invite much natural light into the room. The frames can also be painted to contrast with the room's colors for a more elegant, coordinated appearance.

Many homeowners also swear by aluminium's dark matte texture that lends a distinctive gravitas to their spaces. Because aluminium frames are easy to clean, they also retain a fresh look through the years.

Noise-proof windows

If you live in a boisterous neighborhood and crave a respite from the honking of vehicles on the highway or the constant whirring of construction, aluminium frame windows will offer the quiet you long for. These windows block out almost all noise emanating from the outside, thanks to their insulative properties. Paired with acoustically glazed glass, it can be even more effective in obstructing external noise.

Energy Efficiency

Lower the heat gain and heat loss with aluminium windows’ superior thermal performance. Combined with appropriate glazing units, they can efficiently control the temperature indoors. Consequently bringing down your cooling costs. Get a cooler, comfortable ambiance without relying on artificial cooling systems.

Perfect Security

aluminium frame windows at AIS Glasxperts have robust safety features like a multi-point locking system. Moreover, aluminium is quite difficult to break as it can withstand a large amount of pressure and heavy impact. When you choose a toughened glass pane to go with the aluminium frame, it becomes exponentially more difficult for burglars to break into the house.

Weather resistance

It doesn’t matter if it’s scorching or freezing outside; you remain comfortable inside with aluminium frame windows. Thanks to their thermal break technology, these windows are designed to insulate against extreme weather conditions. You can also limit too much water or dust entering during heavy rains or strong winds through complete weather sealing around the edges of the window frame.

Thermal Insulation

Aluminium windows can effectively reduce heat ingress and cold draughts inside your space. Aluminum windows fare better against extreme climatic conditions thanks to their unmatched insulation qualities. Besides, they use a thermal-break technology to provide optimal insulation 24x7. So, you can forget the leaky windows.

Good for the planet

In the present times of rapid climate change, it is only fair that you do your bit by leaning towards sustainable practices. Installing aluminium frame windows is a step towards reducing your carbon footprint. Moreover, these windows last for years, so you don’t have to replace them. So you further reduce the waste generated by your house. Aluminium is also, in fact, effortless to reuse and recycle.


An Aluminium window can become your best friend when it comes to maintenance. The material is easy-to-clean, leakage-proof, and needs minimum care. Cleaning the windows once every month can be sufficient to keep them looking brand-new. Moreover, Aluminum doesn’t rust or rot quickly and remains unaffected by the sun's Ultraviolet (UV) rays. It is also pollution-resistant, which makes it a good choice for the Indian climate.

Pollution Resistance

Resist the entry of pollution by using aluminium frame windows. Renowned for their efficient insulation properties, they come equipped with airtight systems and silicone sealants to prevent air leaks.

You can effectively keep pollution at bay by using completely sealed, multi-lock aluminium windows. Combine aluminium windows with top-quality gaskets and joints for healthy, comfortable indoors always.

Types of Aluminium Windows

As Aluminium is a highly popular choice for windows, there is a wide range of options for Aluminium windows to choose from. These styles are modern and come in an exotic range of colour options.

Aluminium Sliding Windows: If you are looking for a minimalistic look for your interiors, then sliding windows are the ideal choice for you. They are also best for small spaces as the window simply slides against a horizontal bar for ease of operation.

Aluminium Bay Windows: This innovative design is made for high performance and low maintenance. The design fits both modern and traditional architecture and provides an aesthetic appeal to the building along with ample natural light and fresh air.

Aluminium Casement Windows: Opening outwards or inwards against a hinge or pivot, aluminium casement windows invite plenty of natural light and cross-ventilation besides adding a Victorian charm to the space.

Choose top-drawer aluminium frame windows at AIS Glasxperts

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