Why Aluminium Doors are Ideal for Large Scale Building Projects?
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Reasons Why Aluminium Doors are Best for Large Scale Building Projects

Posted Date: Sep 05, 2020

What is the one element of massive architectural projects that often goes unnoticed but is yet an essential element? Why it's the humble door! After all, a pen is mightier than the sword, and a simple fenestration change holds the potential to completely transform the look of any space, no matter how ambitious the project.

Now, with modern metropolises developing at a break-neck speed, there are always new buildings and construction projects popping up over the cityscape. Since there is only so much land available, space management has become an essential part of the building planning process, and all the more critical in the current trend of ‘multiplying upwards.’

Massive size requires massive considerations, especially in the fenestrations department. Along with the placement of doors, the materials used to make them are also crucial. From aesthetics to durability, resilience, thermal performance, and beyond, all need to be taken into consideration.

So, is there a door option that successfully ticks all boxes? Yes, aluminium doors!

Why Aluminium?

Aluminium is an ideal door candidate given the ergonomic sensibilities of contemporary buildings. Also, the metal is reasonably capable of meeting the demands of large-scale construction industry, given its excellent physical properties and how it's the most abundant metal on the face of the earth.

It is also highly adaptable to various architecture types. Since modern structures are increasingly adopting a more geometric and modular look, the malleability of aluminium comes as an added advantage. It can easily be moulded into any desired shape, for instance, arched or round doors.

Still not convinced about aluminium doors? Here are some more benefits to help you see their utility.


Resistant to almost every external element responsible for corrupting doors such as moisture, termites, dust, UV rays, etc., aluminium doors are highly durable. Aluminium retains its lustre and performance throughout its lifetime, courtesy of being resistant to rust, rot, and corrosion.

Furthermore, given its resilience, aluminium doors are reasonably weather-proof and can tolerate violent gusts of wind without losing their mettle (pun intended).

Worried about accidentally denting the door? Well, given the high tensile strength and the strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium, you’d have to be an iron man to make a dent on your aluminium door.


If you’re worried about the cold, bland, and steely feel of aluminium doors, fret not! The look and finish of aluminium doors can be changed on a whim through powder-coating. Moreover, the hue of aluminium doors can also be altered to suit the overall colour scheme that you’re going for.

From sliding doors to massive floor-to-ceiling double doors, aluminium’s versatility allows you to construct any door design known to humanity. Powder coating, other than amping up the aesthetics, also ensures door longevity.


Fun fact: The outer body of aeroplanes is made entirely out of aluminium. For what reason, you may ask – by virtue of the metal's stiffness, lightness, and stability. Aluminium belongs to the group of lightest metals ever known, making it relatively easy to transport and work upon. Its high degree of malleability allows aluminium to be beaten and bent into any shape or form.

If the structure you’re working on has curves or sharp geometrical bends, aluminium will gladly comply with your needs.

Low Maintenance

Hyper structures have many caveats, and maintenance is one of them. The upkeep of interior elements of large scale projects is vital and also very difficult. Integration of elements that require regular care can lead to maintenance costs spiralling out of control.

This calls for planners to incorporate materials that are resistant to wear-and-tear to keep the maintenance cost at low levels. Thankfully, aluminium doors come to the rescue again. The metal is practically maintenance-free, and whatever little maintenance it requires is limited to a simple wipe with a damp cloth dipped in a solution of baking soda and water.


It might come as a surprise, but aluminium is no longer a dubious prospect in terms of thermal efficiency, thanks to thermal break technology that makes it a low conductor of heat. It’s now possible to construct a heatproof aluminium door that wouldn’t scathe your tender palms every time you turn the doorknob.

Apart from its thermal insulation, aluminium doors also provide acoustic isolation, not letting any commotion hamper your productivity. For maximum thermal and acoustic performance from your aluminium doors, have specialised glass solutions installed for the same, for instance, heat-reflective glass and noise reduction glass.


Leaving little to no residue behind, aluminium can be recycled infinitely, and then some more. Aluminium requires a modicum of energy to produce it from the raw material. In fact, 70% of aluminium that was ever created is still in use today!

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