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Reasons behind the Rise in Use of Sliding Doors

Posted Date: Feb 17, 2020

An indispensable part of your space's interiors as well as exteriors, doors must always be on top of the list when it comes to decorating your homes and offices. And with the revolution in the door industry, modern doors solutions are not just increasing the aesthetic appeal of your homes but are also becoming highly efficient in raising the overall functionality of your spaces. One such door design that has gained high popularity amongst designers and architects are sliding doors. They possess a unique and trendy design that is changing the way we have imagined doors, thereby becoming a sensational hit in the market.

Still not sure why sliding doors are so popular? Check out these amazing benefits that sliding doors have to offer to understand their utility, versatility and operability -

Revolutionising the Concept of Doors

For the longest time, we have always imagined doors to possess a quintessential L shape that are designed with hinges and open outwards or inwards. But with the introduction of sliding doors in the door industry, the perception regarding doors is changing. Sliding doors that open sideways don’t require any mechanical fittings, don’t take up any room space and thus have changed the way doors are perceived.

Eco-friendly Option

Made from 100% recyclable and non-toxic modern glass, sliding doors are a great choice for people looking to incorporate sustainable options in their space. And with the deteriorating conditions of our planet and Mother Nature, sliding doors are becoming tremendously popular amongst environmentally-conscious designers and architects. Moreover, their frames are made from either wood or uPVC, both of which are eco-friendly, recyclable, and do not include any harmful lead-based paint and are therefore harmless to the environment.

Ranks High on Functionality

Although sliding doors are a niche product, their demand and popularity have pushed manufacturers to come with unique and trendy variants that are perfect for every space. At AIS Glasxperts, we offer superior-quality sliding door systems that can sustain daily wear-and-tear without losing their charm and elegance. We incorporate tempered glass into our sliding doors as they are much stronger, superior, and resilient than regular glass solutions making them the perfect choice for enhancing security in your homes.

Our uPVC sliding doors, for instance, are perfect for people looking for durable and long-lasting door designs, especially in areas that experience extreme weather because not only is uPVC non-toxic but also dirt, dust, UV and heavy impact-resistant and can withstand sun, rain, wind, sleet or snow. Moreover, you never have to compromise on aesthetics as modern uPVC doors possess a unique simplicity and sophistication that is unmatched by every other door design. Our wooden sliding doors, on the other hand, are perfect for people looking for rustic, elegant door solutions that scream grandeur and opulence. Moreover, we only use premium-quality Accoya wood that provides a strong foundation for your homes and offices.

Huge Space-Saver

Certain rooms in our spaces like walk-in wardrobes, office cabins or even kitchens are often smaller than the rest of the space making them look cramped and dingy. Moreover, a normal door installation takes up a lot of space as it opens adjacent to the wall. Sliding door systems, on the other hand, glide through a parallel track and can even disappear behind the wall if planned out thoughtfully. This unique property of sliding doors helps people divide space in a home or office without the permanence of doors and walls and yet offer them with the privacy that they need.

Ability to Fit Anywhere

While most doors require a concrete wall and a strong building foundation to ensure correct installation, sliding doors are capable of fitting into any space. Places decorated with drywall or plasterboard, for instance, are usually an afterthought as they are a simple, convenient and an inexpensive solution, but they cannot bear the weight of heavy doors. Sliding doors systems, however, are extremely durable yet lightweight and can easily be fitted into drywall, without comprising the efficiency of these systems. In fact, sliding doors can be installed in a wide variety of ways to make sure that it fits every space perfectly.

Available in a Wide Range of Options

Not only do sliding doors come in a wide range of installation methods, but also possess a comprehensive range of trendy variants that are perfect for decorating every kind of space. Folding sliding doors are perfect for extremely cramped spaces, for example, whereas pocket doors help maintain a tidy space as they act as a wall to hide all the clutter behind it when closed and when opened they simply disappear into the wall.

So, if you’re looking for premium-quality sliding door systems with top-drawer aesthetics, contact AIS Glasxperts to avail our end-to-end services. We offer professional guidance right from the initial selection up until the final installation to guarantee enriched interiors and lifestyles. Get an expert consultation today!

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