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Protect Your Commercial Space with Security Glass

Posted Date: Dec 06, 2020

Your business, whether it is a bakery, a boutique, or a bank, takes a tremendous amount of effort to maintain. A burglary is not only harmful in the aftermath; it hurts your path to success. There are various ways to secure your commercial space using security cameras and alarms, getting insurance, etc. However, most of these methods deal with the backwash. In addition, you waste your time and energy dealing with the vital loss and its repercussion. They say 'Prevention is better than Cure'. That's where security glass comes in.

As the name implies, security glass is an innovative product designed specifically for protection, safety, and security. It is manufactured by tempering the glass, which means heating the annealed glass to high temperatures and then rapidly cooling it. The tempering can be done either by thermal heating or applying pressure using chemical reactions. The resultant product displays a superior strength along with many other qualities discussed below.

Security Glass: Playing a Major Role in Securing Your Commercial Space

The glass is called 'security glass' for a good reason. However, since factoring in the aesthetics is a significant aspect of running a commercial establishment, security glass will even help you protect your space in style. Let us read about some of its key benefits.


The most critical variable during a burglary is time. The main aim of law-breakers, when committing a crime, is to complete the task in the least amount of time. Security glass takes out that variable. Unlike annealed glass, which can break into sharp shards with one hard blow, it will take security glass immense strength and a reasonable amount of time to come close to its breaking point, increasing the chances of the burglar attracting attention, reducing their resolve and determination to break-in.

Safety and Strength       

Safety is a major concern for people who are looking for glass interiors. More people die and get injured from shattered glass in a bomb blast rather than the bomb itself. Security glass is equipped to handle such problems. Not only is it six times stronger than annealed glass due to its heat treatment, even if it breaks, but it will also form cube-like pieces rather than shards, reducing the risk of potential injuries. The strength of the glass is such that it is virtually impossible for a thief or burglar to break it, thus concentrating on prevention of loss rather than palliative measures. There are different types of Security Glass – mainly toughened glass and laminated glass – each offering four to five times the impact-resistance as compared to normal annealed glass.

Aesthetic Value

Security glass comes in increasing strengths and diverse qualities. For example, a high tempered glass will have six times the strength of annealed or ordinary glass. A distortion-free, heat strengthened laminated glass is long-lasting, eliminates the need for grills and shutters, and provides better acoustics. Just like ordinary glass, you can rely on security glass to have clean finishing due to its advanced processing techniques. Some might argue that you can achieve the same level of security using metal bars, but it reduces the visual appeal of your space, which can hamper business growth. Security glass achieves the same effect without cramping the style and functionality of your commercial space.

Thermal, Scratch, and Damage Resistance

Security glass, because of the rigorous treatment it undergoes, is resistant to thermal damage. It can withstand a temperature of up to 100 degrees Celsius, as opposed to annealed glass' maximum capacity of 40 degrees Celsius. It is also resistant to chemicals, expansion due to environmental factors, and deflection. Additionally, it is scratch-resistant and can handle daily wear-and-tear without losing its clarity and aesthetic value. Some types of security glass also reduce noise, allowing for better acoustics.

Customisable options

Security glass, with all its qualities, does not compromise on look and style. Whether you need a classic clear look, a grainy textured feel, or tinted colours to complement your interiors, security glass provides these and many other options to suit the needs and design of your commercial space. Security glass comes in varying strengths and qualities to cater to specific requirements. So whether you want to use it for your establishment's staircase rails, doors, windows, or even bathrooms, Security Glass provides a wide range of customisable options for unique needs.

Looking for a reliable security glass Provider? AIS Glasxperts is your ideal partner! A Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of the largest integrated glass manufacturer of India – Asahi India Glass Limited – we offer 360-degree solutions in specialised glass offerings for different aesthetic and functional needs, be it privacy, security, energy-efficiency, or acoustic insulation. Our security glass offers four to times the strength offered by standard glass, is easy to clean and maintain, and is customisable as per your unique requirements. Get in touch with our experts today and avail of our 360-degree support!

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