Perks of Using a Solar Control Glass
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We all love to install decorative glass windows at our houses and work place. They instill excellence and brighten every cornered space. It enhances the ambiance of the room and makes us feel better. In a tropical country like India where the heat is always at its peak, installing glass windows is always questionable. But the modern manufacturing technique has found an easy & effective solution of this issue – Solar Glass control solutions. This solution maintains the warmth inside the room during summers and winters alike. Solar control glass cuts CO2 emission keeping the interiors warm and cosy. This brings down the need for the room heaters or air conditioners by keeping the room temperature at naturally desired level.


solar control glass
Installing solar control glass is becoming a popular trend at residential and commercial spaces. One of the known benefits of solar glass is that it is a cost efficient investment as it helps in reducing the electric bill and it also ensures that the house is neither too hot nor too cold throughout the year.


Bring down the need for artificial temperature control
Solar glass control solutions reduce the need of air conditioners at home and overall give an elegant look. A warmer place always emits out positive and soothing vibes, which in turn is beneficial for a positive lifestyle.


designer office glass
Create a vivid space at your office spaceIn corporate houses solar glass control panels is an ideal choice where the additional light and brightness is always required. They keep the conference room warm and a soothing environment to work in makes the employees more comfortable and creates a friendly environment.

glass panels
Skylight and ConservatoriesSolar control glass is usually used for skylights and conservatories. The skylights at your house or work space provide an excellent day light and it becomes a proper ventillation system. These energy efficent solar glass skylights and conervatories can help acheive the same by minimising your heating, cooling and lighting costs.

glass doors and windows

Apart from the solar glass solutions, one can always install double glazing windows and doors. The double glazing glass is also popularly known as insulated glazing. It is basically the use of two panes of glass instead of one to diminish noise and heat transmissions at homes or office space. These solutions come in different size and colour according to your need and they have a very ethnic look attached to it.

Solar control glass solutions improve lifestyle and add a new dimension of luxury and décor to your interiors and exteriors. With growing issues of global warming and pollution, solar control glass is the need of the hour.
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