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Glass and Innovation: The Next Big Thing in Luxury Homes

Posted Date: Dec 20, 2019

AIS Glass Villa, Goa

It takes plenty of materials to build a home, but only a handful can render it luxurious and expansive as well as glass does. Far from being banal, glass is swiftly making its way up to becoming the top choice of architects and interior designers par excellence.

It’s not just the architecturally savvy who nod in agreement over glass standing head and shoulders above other materials, it’s the fashion designers, too– Tarun Tahiliani, for instance. And no better structure perfectly captures this marriage of innovation and surreal flourishes as the AIS Glass Villa does, looking out on the serene backwaters of Goa.

A glass house that mashes an all-glass façade with jaw-dropping views of Goa’s lush environs, AIS Glass Villa is spread over a sprawling 17,000 square feet of seasoned land. The drawcard, naturally, is the specialised glass that dominates every wall and sharp corner. It’s not all the same glass, mind you– from the wall to the lacquered roof that makes for stunning drone captures, the AIS Glasxperts glass used in each instance is specialised for environmental and security needs.

Then there’s the Salvador Villa in Goa’s sweet little Socorro Village, yet another mark left by maestro Tarun Tahiliani in conjuncture with AIS. Based on the philosophy of ‘all that we were and more’, this magnificent Goan villa sees the coming together of traditional Indian craftsmanship, modern technology and material and abundant natural light. Wall-to-ceiling windows, made of safety glass from AIS, open up to stunning views of the countryside that are unmarred by unsightly safety grills and what have you.

Indeed, when it comes to safety and privacy, glass is the next big thing in luxury homes– here’s how we used it in our landmark villas:

Framed Doors and Windows

Far from blocking out natural light, our glass-heavy doors fold out into the open in the AIS Glass Villa. The wooden frames serve to outline the material with a natural magnetism while also tying the contemporary structure in with its organic surroundings.

Salvador Villa, on the other hand, features gilded aluminium doors and windows made of clear glass in some areas, and frosted glass in others.

With the villa being a contemporary structure, the gold successfully brings in a touch of modern luxe without glossing over the raw beauty of the outdoors brought indoors.

Glass Skylights 

In an attempt to highlight the grandiosity of the architecture as well as accentuate the unmissable presence of lush greens and blue skies, both the AIS Glass Villa and the Salvador Villa make use of glass in skylights.

The AIS Glassxperts glass in use is the energy-efficient kind, to hold on to nature and bring some indoors without compromising on energy efficiency and ambient temperature. The result is a stunning skylight that serenades each house with bright sunlight during the day and opens up to the starlit sky at night.

And of course, it’s innovative, climate-responsive and well in keeping with AIS Glass’ march towards a sustainable future.

Glass Walkways

Sustaining the all-glass theme, glass walkways were introduced to connect parts of the house to each other and to the outdoors. As if to imitate connecting islands, the well-lit walkways serve to provide functionality without being an eyesore or taking up too much space. The use of glass here is effective in seamlessly integrating a functional element in the grander architectural scheme of things, ensuring that it’s both practical and inventive by miles.

Glass Partitions and Shower Cubicles

The glass partitions in AIS Glass Villa make the structure more ‘larger than life’ than it already is. Some frozen, some hinged, the partitions are designed to allow sunlight in while also demarcating space based on the task they’re intended for. Naturally, this allows air and light (and conversation) to flow freely through the home, making the mammoth structure warm and welcoming.

In the Salvador Villa in Socorro Village, shower cubicles have been crafted out of glass and held in place with durable metal frames.

A look at the interior and it’s easy to see why glass was the material of choice– the vibrant walls, patterned flooring and marble wainscoting is too pretty to bury. The glass cubicles also keep the water from flowing outwards and marring the rest of the space.

Wooden Cladding

The warmth and natural tones of wood make it a sure-fire way to make any contemporary structure cosy and welcoming, as it did in the AIS Glass Villa.

Wooden cladding was used on the exterior façade of the villa to keep with the theme as well as provide natural protection against the elements. The environment-friendly cladding draws the eyes upwards and around the structure while AIS’ product and timber warranties ensure that it stands the test of time.

The final word

Featuring modern twists on traditional Mangalorean and Indian architecture, the AIS Glass Villa and Salvador Villas are beacons to look up to when exploring the use of glass in luxury homes to ramp up the appeal. And when it comes to specialised glass from AIS, with looks come formidable security and blessed privacy– it’s a treat to the eyes and peace to the soul.

Trust AIS Glasxperts to offer state-of-the-art and comprehensive consultative services that is sure to set your abode a class apart.

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