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The retail industry is an ever growing sector. In India, there are a retail stores, outlets and showrooms that have come up in a span of last 5 years. This has resulted in a very competitive race among the retail space owners in order to create a strong impression in the market and make sure that their store attracts the maximum number of customers. In order to make their stores attractive, retail stores work a lot upon the idea of aesthetic décor of the space. A number of high street showrooms as well as the ones in malls suffer from external buzzing noise and at times loud music too. This is a reason why soundproofing of these showrooms is as necessary as maintaining the aesthetic charm.



With glass solutions retail stores can achieve elegance as well has acoustic presence inside their stores. Glass today, is can be manufactured with different additions to of the layers in the glass. Laminated glass is a solution that filters 30 to 40 percent of unwanted noise and this can be achieved higher by customizations. This property makes glass noise proof and filters the unwanted noise. Acoustic solutions are popular with retail stores because it maintains elegance of the exteriors and interiors while at the same time noise proofing the interiors. Soundproof windows in Delhi and guragon area are very popular in retail stores due to the densely situated showrooms , huge number of malls and high street areas.



Glass solutions are an excellent addition to the décor process of a retail store. You can choose from a number of solutions for your space and give your store visitors a better shopping experience. The décor will lure new customers and the acoustic will let them concentrate on their shopping needs.


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