Benefits of Installing Noise Cancellation Doors & Windows at Office
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Noise cancellation doors and windows for office

noise cancelling doors

The most desirable quality in office design is the seamless flow of thoughts, ideas, and communication without being affected by any external factor, such as noise. After all, offices are spaces designated for brainstorming, productivity, and growth. Therefore, soundproofing and noise cancellation are vital for the efficient functioning of an office.

What is noise?

Noise is defined as any sort of unwanted sound that is unpleasant, loud or disrupts hearing, concentration, and coordination. When the level of noise brings harm to the balance or quality of life, it is called noise pollution. When we talk about offices, noise can originate either externally or internally.

External noise – It originates outside the office premises in the form of traffic, construction activities, etc.

Internal noise – It originates inside the office premises in the form of loud conversations, phone calls, playing media such as songs or videos, etc.

Apart from causing annoyance and a loss of productivity, noise pollution can have harmful effects on physical and mental health.

Office design solutions for noise cancellation

Soundproof glass solutions for windows, doors, partitions, and facades are the preferred way of maintaining a noise-free office space. Modern glass door designs and window architecture incorporate advanced noise-repellant technology to provide the perfect ambiance for workplace productivity. The two major types of soundproof glasses employed are:

Acoustic Laminated Glass: It has a specialized acoustic PVB interlayer which provides 50-60% noise reduction. It is typically used in exterior windows facing major roads.

Insulated: It consists of glass panes separated by an airtight vacuum space, and reduces noise by 30 DB.

While wood can be considered a soundproofing option for office design, its limitation lies in utilizing it for windows. It obstructs natural lighting and general visibility. Therefore, these days soundproof glass is used in constructing windows.  Soundproof windows in India are largely custom made as per requirement that will keep external disturbances away without compromising the aesthetics.

Keep conversations inside the meeting rooms, and filter out internal noises through noise cancellation glass for doors, while also ensuring their structural integrity. Wooden and uPvc doors are designed to hold the soundproof glass firmly, while the double layered insulated glass provides protection against noise.



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