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Why Are Next Generation Soundproof Windows a Good Idea?

Posted Date: Jun 10, 2021

Rapid urbanisation in India has resulted in excessive noise pollution, which has risen to 79 decibels, significantly higher than the government-approved noise levels. Prolonged noise pollution exposure can damage your hearing, trigger stress, exhaustion, and disrupt your sleep.

With alarmingly high noise pollution, city dwellers yearn for a quiet and calm atmosphere. Previously, only those who lived near major thoroughfares would complain about noise pollution, but now even quieter streets are drowning in it. Noise-free environments are essential for reducing mental exhaustion. Soundproof glass (or acoustic glass) windows in apartments may help keep unwanted noise pollution at bay.

Your home is your sanctuary, where you wish to relax and unwind after a long day at work. And, because of how noisy our cities have been recently, this has become difficult. Soundproof glass for your home windows and doors is a realistic solution to the issue of increasing levels of outside noise, whether it's the blaring car horns, the uproar from construction projects, your partying neighbours, or the raucous neighbourhood where you reside.

Let us dive into how soundproof glass can bring a positive change in your life.

What is soundproof glass?

Soundproof glass, also known as acoustic glass, is a laminated glass made by combining two layers of glass with a middle layer of Polyvinyl Butyral, or PVB, in between. This PVB interlayer holds the glass sheets together, giving the appearance of a single pane of glass. Furthermore, the PVB interlayer functions as an acoustic layer, providing exceptional sound absorption properties.

The specialised PVB membrane at the centre of the glass will assist in preventing sound frequencies from vibrating from one window pane to the next. Furthermore, depending on the amount of sound insulation you need for your house, you can install soundproof glass in various thicknesses.

AIS Windows' Soundproof glass window and door systems can minimise sound interference by up to 42 decibels. Outside noise pollution will gradually become a thing of the past for you, thanks to such high levels of sound insulation. 

Benefits of soundproof glass

Soundproof glass has many benefits making them the ideal choice for your home. 


Soundproof glass, which is laminated glass, provides superior protection. As opposed to annealed glass, laminated soundproof glass is more robust and durable. The soundproof glass is not easily broken because it has an inner PVB interlayer. If, in the unlikely event that this glass form does break, the glass fragments stay bound to the PVB interlayer and do not shatter, giving the glass a spider-web look. Since this glass does not break and fall out, you are less likely to be injured by the jagged glass fragments.


Laminated Soundproof glass is stronger and more durable than regular glass. This feature increases the protection of your home. Soundproof glass installed in your windows and doors makes it impossible for intruders, robbers, or burglars to gain entry to your house. This ensures that your house is well protected from robbery or burglary, making Soundproof glass an excellent option for protection.

Noise Reduction

The most obvious benefit of installing soundproof glass is that it can block outside sounds from cars, pedestrians, construction sites, and so on. Soundproof glass provides a nearly impenetrable shield between external noise and your ear, blocking up to 90% of external noise. As a result, Soundproof glass will turn your home into a protective bubble.

Better Comfort

If you want to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home, consider installing a Low-E coating on your Soundproof glass. Soundproof glass with a Low-E coating will effectively insulate the interiors of your home. Over the summer, the low-E coated Soundproof glass in your windows keeps the interiors cool by blocking the heat from the sun. Over the winter, these glass windows avoid heat from escaping through them, keeping the interiors warm. As a result, the need for artificial cooling or heating systems will decrease, lowering your energy bills automatically. As a result, the Soundproof glass with a Low-E coating is also energy-efficient.

UV Protection

Installing laminated soundproof glass protects you from harmful UV rays and sun glare. Furthermore, installing laminated Soundproof glass will protect your home's upholstery, carpets, rugs, and other furnishings from UV and IR ray damage.

In Conclusion

When installing Soundproof glass in your home, you will need window and door frames specially built to cancel out outside noise and, of course, the best quality glass. The best place to find this is - AIS Windows. AIS Windows offers a diverse range of fenestration items in uPVC, wood, and aluminium substrates. Furthermore, we adhere to international manufacturing practices and compliances. AIS Windows provides a full range of services, from consultation to hassle-free installation by qualified professionals, as well as outstanding after-sales support to ensure total customer satisfaction.

So, visit our website or call today!

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