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In an age where noise is proving to be a distraction killing concentration at offices and educational centres, making interiors noise proof is very important. Today, the school and colleges suffer with the problem of unwanted noise because of traffic and construction. In their quest to make their interiors sound and noise proof, educational centres face the problem of keeping the aesthetic beauty intact. In absence of aesthetic appeal, these places start to create a negative appeal for the students who come here to gain knowledge.


Glass solutions for schools and colleges

When it comes to acoustic solutions with aesthetic appeal, glass is something which is getting very much popular. The modern manufacturing techniques have made glass into a solution that can efficiently filter unwanted noise. There are a number of glass solutions available in the market today that can filter noise up to 30 to 40 decibels. With further lamination these solutions can filter even higher degrees of noise.


modern glass solutions

Acoustic glass solutions are manufactured by adding a PVB interlayer in between of two glass panels. Further noise filtering is achieved by adding inert gases and using laminated glazing. Acoustic glass solutions are a very much recommended material for classroom interiors. A noise free interior provides better concentration, in lack of which students start suffering with headaches and nausea. With glass solutions in windows, doors and partitions a very positive and elegant look is created for the interiors. A positive mind creates positive ideas and it is very important for the students and teachers.


Laminated solutions can be modified according to the requirement of the space. Apart from being noise proof, these solutions are also tough that they don’t break under any external impact. This quality of laminated glass makes it an anti-theft and burglar proof material.


glass partitions  

You can imagine that the change, glass solutions can bring into an educational space. In an age where knowledge matters the most, acoustic glass solutions are capable of creating an intrusion and distraction free learning space.


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