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Let us start with the basic answer of what is a glass façade exactly. A glass façade is an external all weatherproof casing of a building. These days we often see glass buildings. A glass façade is attached to the outer frame of the building also referred as a non-loadbearing vertical building enclosure. A glass façade provides no assurance for structural stability.


Owners and occupiers have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their building. If injury or damage is caused to visitors, occupiers, neighbours, third parties or property, example; by part of the façade failing, then liability arises. In order to avoid such situations it is highly recommended that one opts for a reliable solutions provider.


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Installing facades from a reliable source isn’t the end. Facades need proper timely maintenance. All façades require a degree of maintenance if they are to fulfil their intended working life. Early detection of defects can mitigate expensive repairs or replacement later. The degree of inspection and maintenance required will depend on the façade type and its intended design life.


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As buildings grow taller and more valuable, there is an increasing need to ensure that façades are properly cleaned and maintained. While building managers often develop maintenance plans for internal plant and property, external façade elements, which are often inaccessible, are generally neglected.


Poorly maintained façades present an unattractive image and dirty windows can annoy building occupants. This, in turn, can have a negative impact on building values and rental returns for building owners.


Maintenance Tips:

  1. Timely monitoring of roof structure of the building
  2. Proper drainage is essential
  3. Regular checks for water and air leakage through the building envelope
  4. Façade maintenance equipment, such as davits and tiebacks used by window washers and façade maintenance personnel, should be inspected and certified every four to five years
  5. Regular safety checks to ensure the safety of the general public & those working within and outside the building


These are some general maintenance tips that needs to be taken care of for a longer working life of a façade.


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