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Know More about Laminated Safety Glass

Posted Date: Nov 03, 2019

Was your first introduction to laminated safety glass that of a spellbound sixth-grader gazing in awe of the thick green glass layers of his school classroom, tapping on the glass’ durable surface and wondering how in the world was it brought into existence? Well, maybe or maybe not but one thing is for sure – laminated safety glass is fascinating. Simply looking at its breadth can communicate its strength. No words needed. And why not! It is indeed celebrated and widely used for its ability to provide safety and security and a whole lot more. So, let’s find out what laminated safety glass is and its various applications -                                                                  

What is Laminated Safety Glass?

When normal float glass is sandwiched together using layers of PolyVinyl Butrayal (PVB) or a structural interlayer substance bonded together using either mechanical or chemical bonding processes, the resulting glass is thicker and more durable, known as laminated safety glass.

Following the process of lamination, high temperature and pressure are exerted to remove any air bubbles from between the glass layers and to render them inseparable.

Not only is the resulting glass thick and durable but even if it breaks under extreme pressure, the pieces do not scatter around but remain intact in a web-like pattern, unlike normal float glass whose sharp pieces are capable of causing serious, sometimes fatal injuries. This feature is what qualifies it as "safety" glass.

Features Exclusive to Laminated Safety Glass

The following features make laminated glass an attractive choice –

  • Safety and Security

Above all, the key reason to choose laminated glass is for safety purposes. Where ordinary glass is brittle and will break into sharp pieces capable of leading to serious, even fatal injuries, laminated safety glass is not only impact-resistant but if it even breaks under extreme stress, the glass pieces will adhere to the interlayer, thereby minimising the chances of injury. This feature is especially useful for homes and places that have small kids involved.

Moreover, laminated safety glass will protect against burglars as cutting through the durable PVB layers is virtually impossible even if the glass may break. This improves the security factor of the place where laminated glass has been installed.

  • Noise Elimination

Not only will laminated safety glass keep burglars at bay but will also prevent unwanted noises from disturbing you. The low elastic property of PVB layers acts as an excellent sound barrier.

  • UV (Ultra Violet) Control

Though natural sunlight is absolutely vital for health and well-being, UV light - not so much. One of the most amazing features of laminated glass is that it blocks almost 99% of the UV rays while allowing most of the visible light to pass through.

  • Versatility

Laminated safety glass is popular, not only for its functionality but also for its aesthetic appeal. The glass can be manufactured in a variety of different ways – annealed, toughened, heat-strengthened, patterned, tinted, etc. Even colour tints can be added to the interlayers for satisfying aesthetic or privacy requirements.  

The Many Uses of Laminated Safety Glass

Now, let’s explore the world of possibilities offered by laminated safety glass

  • Cars’ Windshields

Laminated glass is extremely thick and highly durable and impact-resistant. As a result, it is generally used in automobiles’ windscreens to ensure guaranteed safety during driving.

  • Places with Kids Involved

When it comes to kids, better to be safe than sorry. Laminated safety glass’ safety and durability feature is ideal for households with little mischievous kids and also for day-care centres and classrooms of schools or any such places where the little ones are involved.

  • Airport Terminals

Laminated safety glass is the most appealing choice for airport terminals, mainly because of its features of safety and security. Moreover, since laminated glass blocks UV rays but allows visible light to pass through, it becomes the right choice unlike highly reflective glass – Using reflective glass could lead to obscure viewing for the pilots and in turn, fatal accidents. Laminated glass’ properties of noise insulation and fire dampening are also reasons for using it in airport terminals.

  • Recording Studios, Board Rooms, and Libraries

The noise-insulation properties of laminated safety glass make it a suitable choice for places where silence is a necessity – libraries, office board rooms, and recording studios.

  • Cyclone and Hurricane Prone Areas

Since laminated safety glass is durable and force-resistant, it is commonly used in glass facades, doors, and windows of houses and offices situated in areas with a high frequency of cyclones and hurricanes.

  • Areas and Buildings Prone to Criminal Activities

The durability and safety feature of laminated safety glass makes it the perfect installation material for homes and offices located in areas with high rates of burglary. Also, institutions such as banks, museums, art galleries, money exchange centres, even jewellery shops and showrooms and other such places that are perpetual targets for bandits are generally installed with laminated safety glass for protection purposes.

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