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Know more about Glass Partition Walls in Homes

Posted Date: Oct 30, 2019

Are you looking for a subtle way to divide your home spaces yet keep them looking airy? For those who want practical separation of spaces but still maintain continuity of light and vision, glass partitions make perfect sense. Glass partition walls are popular for customizing the look of a space while keeping it looking trendy.  

Advantages of Glass Partition Walls

  1. Easy Reconfiguration and Remodelling

If you have recently bought a brand new piece of furniture and are worried that it won’t fit in a particular space, having glass partition walls in your home can come in handy. Glass walls are usually panels that are mounted onto a pre-fixed frame. It is very easy to dismount and shift glass panels to recreate spaces. You can even create new rooms and separate spaces around your living room and kitchen by shifting around pre-installed glass partition walls.

Glass partitions are considerably easy to install and take down, thereby reducing building costs especially at the time of redesigning the space. And, most importantly glass is a low maintenance material. It neither rusts nor corrodes over time, nor do termites find it appealing unlike wood that requires frequent replacement. Unwelcomed stains and smudges can easily be removed with the help of a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth.

  1. Lighting

Natural lighting is important for your home. Having floor to ceiling glass windows allows natural light inside, but it might stay limited to just one or two rooms. Brick partition walls are completely opaque, which means you will have to ensure individual lighting for each of your rooms. Glass partitions allow light to reflect and refract optimally, filtering in light naturally from all rooms of your house. With a glass partition wall, you could easily install a gorgeous lighting panel in your hallway and reap its benefits in your bedroom.

  1. Spacious

Glass partition walls are thin and utilize minimum space during installation. Due to glass’s reflective properties, light adjusts itself to make rooms look large and spacious. While brick or steel partitions restrict open spaces, glass walls allow rooms to merge into one another, creating an illusion of space. If you are a fan of open-plan houses, glass partition walls are your holy grail.

  1. Acoustics

Brick walls are notorious for their inability to control sound transmissions from one room to another. This might be a problem especially if you have guests or kids in your home. Privacy will be a foreign concept for you if sounds escape one room and enter another. Glass partition walls made of noise controlling glass is your answer to this problem. Acoustic glass is made using special sound-control technology that makes it highly sound-proof. Many recording studios also prefer noise-controlling glass, and there is no reason you should not.

  1. Variety of Designs

Glass partition walls are available in various types – printed, frosted, blurred, glazed and many more. Along with this, frames containing glass panels can be customized according to individual needs and styles. This means that glass partition walls opens a plethora of designs options. If you don't like clear glass, go for marbled or printed partition walls. If you want privacy, use smart glass or frosted glass.

  1. Environment Friendly

Another important benefit of glass partitions is that glass is 100% recyclable and is also environmentally sustainable. It can be recycled a number of times without losing its purity or quality and hence is a sustainable material. Moreover, the process of recycling reduces carbon footprint, leading to lesser use of natural resources

At AIS Glasxperts, we offer you customized glass solutions. We combine your need for style and individualism with our vision of eco-friendliness and modernity and offer the most suitable and effective glass windows, doors and partition walls.

If privacy is a concern for you, use AIS Swytchglass instead of frosted or clear glass, allowing you to adjust opacity as and when required. Our experts will assist you in everything from consulting for glass partition walls to post-installation service. Contact us today to adorn your home with stunning glass partitions.

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