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An Ultimate Guide to Glass Partition Walls in Homes

Glass Partition Walls in Homes

Posted Date: Oct 30, 2019

Glass partitions are one of the best measures to rekindle your space at home and offices. It gives a sense of luxury and style to your room. Glass partitions at office space provide positive feedback to the clients. Classy partitions create a quiet environment for the employees to work in. In residential areas, these glass partitions grant a very authentic look. Today manufacturers have come up with several stylish sections fit for offices and personal space. It gives the consumer freedom of choosing from several options.

Advantages of Glass Partition Walls

  • Easy Reconfiguration and Remodelling

  • If you have recently bought a brand new piece of furniture and are worried that it won't fit in a particular space, having glass partition walls in your home can come in handy. Glass walls are usually panels mounted onto a pre-fixed frame. It is effortless to dismount and shift glass panels to recreate spaces. You can even create new rooms and separate areas around your living room and kitchen by turning around pre-installed glass partition walls.

    Glass partitions are considerably easy to install and takedown, significantly reducing building costs when redesigning the space. And, most importantly glass is a low maintenance material. It neither rusts nor corrodes over time, nor do termites find it appealing, unlike wood that requires frequent replacement. Also, you can remove unwelcomed stains and smudges with the help of a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth.

  • Lighting

  • Natural lighting is vital for your home. The floor to ceiling glass windows allow natural light inside, but they might stay limited to one or two rooms. Brick partition walls are entirely opaque, which means you will have to ensure individual lighting for each of your rooms. Glass partitions allow light to reflect and refract optimally, filtering in light naturally from all rooms of your house. With a glass partition wall, you could easily install a gorgeous lighting panel in your hallway and reap its benefits in your bedroom.

  • Spacious

  • Glass partition walls are thin and utilize minimum space during installation. Due to glass's reflective properties, light adjusts itself to make rooms look large and spacious. While brick or steel partitions restrict open spaces, glass walls allow rooms to merge, creating an illusion of space. If you are a fan of open-plan houses, glass partition walls are your holy grail.

  • Acoustics

  • Brick walls are notorious for their inability to control sound transmissions from one room to another. This might be a problem, especially if you have guests or kids in your home. Privacy will be a foreign concept for you if sounds escape one room and enter another. Glass partition walls made of noise controlling glass is your answer to this problem. Acoustic glass is made using unique sound-control technology that makes it highly sound-proof. Many recording studios also prefer noise-controlling glass, and there is no reason you should not.

    Glass Doors and Windows | Frames and Designs

  • Variety of Designs

  • Glass partition walls are available in various types – printed, frosted, blurred, glazed and many more. Along with this, you can customize frames containing glass panels according to individual needs and styles. This means that glass partition walls open a plethora of designs options. If you don't like clear glass, go for marbled or printed partition walls. If you want privacy, use smart glass or frosted glass.

  • Environment Friendly

  • Another critical benefit of glass partitions is that glass is 100% recyclable and is also environmentally sustainable. It can be recycled many times without losing its purity or quality and hence is a sustainable material. Moreover, the process of recycling reduces carbon footprint, leading to lesser use of natural resources.

Latest Design Trends for Glass Partition Walls

It is no secret that glass partitions offer clear views as far as the eye can see, thus opening up your home. Therefore, before you set your sights on installing glass dividers, learn all about the unique designs you can procure from the list given below.

Go Frameless!

Are you after a chic, futuristic look, or do you live next to the ocean and want stunningly clear vistas to pour in? In both cases, a frame lacing your glass partition or wall is an unnecessary hindrance that can be done away with today. As surprising as it may sound, you can get glass partitions without a frame.

Imagine being behind a protective transparent shield where there is zero obstruction from the frame. Is it safe? Yes, it is entirely safe to install scintillating frameless glass partitions at your home. These structures are secured with the help of spider fittings, which are rock solid. Even with frameless glass partitions, you will spot a thin line running where two glass panels meet, so there is very little chance of walking into them. Try frameless glass partitions to divide your kitchen and dining room or inside your bathroom for opening up cramped corners.

Because it’s Better to Bend Than to Break

Picture a sleek curved glass slab kissing the ceiling. Curved glass partitions are genuinely unique in the sense that they offer timeless style and practicality. While most partitioning systems are straight, curved dividers offer something softer and classier. One of the best parts about curved glass partitions is that you can customise the degree of the curve to a large extent.

It all depends on your service provider and the level of bespoke options they offer. Curved glass partitions can be clubbed with various qualities of glass, such as insulation, translucency, energy efficiency, and much more.

Stains Can Be Good Too

If you wish to install a partition without entirely compromising on privacy, choose stained glass. This way, you also add a dash of colour to your home. Not only does stained glass look sublime, but it also allows diffused light to pass through.

You can also install a glass partition with several small panels. You can make a few from clear glass, etched or frosted surfaces, and the rest from stained panels. Use stained glass partitions to deck up your foyer area, shower enclosure doors, and internal windows.

For Your On-Demand Privacy Needs

Sure, etched and frosted glass partitions offer privacy, but they partially obstruct the view, thus taking away some of the extra sense of space. So, what when you want total privacy at times and complete transparency other times? Simple! Choose smart or switchable glass partitions. What is smart glass? Also called switchable glass, smart panes can go from opaque to transparent and vice versa at the flick of a switch.

Switchable glass dividers alter light transmission properties when an electric current passes through them. These structures open up your home whenever you want and otherwise offer you unbeatable privacy. Even when these panes turn opaque, they allow in diffused light, which brightens up any space. Smart glass partitions are an excellent idea for one of your bedroom walls. Since these dividers comfortably withstand moisture, you can use them inside your bathrooms as well.

Glass Partition Ideas for Bathrooms

The washroom is a very personal space, and equal importance is given to enhance its beauty and look. Using glass as decor will give an illusion of a more expansive space and make it look well lit. There are many options available for the ones seeking a luxurious setting for their bathroom interiors. Today one can choose from a myriad of solutions designed and manufactured by specialists.

Tempered bathroom glass

The hospitality industry uses the versatility of glass solutions and has started to use them as a décor option. You can spot stylish glass bathrooms at many hotels, pubs, clubs, lounges and cafes. The industry is tapping at every opportunity to make their guests feel luxurious in unexpected ways.

The bathroom is a very personal space, and nothing is more appealing to a guest than an ornate setting for their bathing space. Today, hotel owners leave no stone unturned to make the bathing space look more aesthetically appealing. Glass partitions replace dull concrete and wooden structures. These partitions present a very ornate setting and give a very stylish backdrop to the bedroom and bathroom.

Glass shower cubicles present a very luxurious look to the bathroom interiors. With multiple options available, one can choose from transparent and translucent cubicles based on their convenience and likings. These cubicles and durable and skid-proof because of manufacturing techniques. The modern manufacturing techniques ensure that the cubicle doesn’t get slippery as it is available in several shapes and sizes, so it can be installed in any space depending on the requirement.

The AIS GlasXperts Advantage

At AIS Glasxperts, we offer you customized glass solutions. We combine your need for style and individualism with our vision of eco-friendliness and modernity and offer the most suitable and effective glass windows, doors and partition walls.

If privacy concerns you, use AIS Swytchglass instead of frosted or clear glass, allowing you to adjust opacity as and when required. Our experts will assist you in everything from consulting for glass partition walls to post-installation service. Contact us today to adorn your home with stunning glass partitions.

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