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Know how Glass Doors are Helping You Achieve More Privacy

Best Privacy Glass Doors - Preview

While there are plenty of door choices in the market, none of them offers that aesthetic feel which glass doors have. Glass doors gives an elite look to the house and are absolutely stunning. Some people when they hear “glass doors” they automatically think of doors with a plain glass which will hamper their privacy. Well, with the growth in modern technology, privacy is one of the most important components of glass doors. This may surprise many but yes, glass doors are something which is the most trending way to get privacy while maintaining the aesthetic beauty.



glass blinds for privacy


Most of us would agree that there is nothing as beautiful as a glass house but glass has been always looked as less secure and less private for spaces like homes, offices, retail or even healthcare. However, things are changing now as there are doors available in market which is 3 to 4 times tougher than the normal glass and also they provide top class privacy solutions. The top preferred glasses for privacy are switchable glass, glass with integrated blinds and glass with control films. These smart solutions not only help in achieving privacy but also ensure their aesthetic feel is not hampered.


Switchable glasses are made using PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) film comprising of droplets of liquid crystal uniformly distributed. These innovative technology glasses are replacing the old fashioned blinds as it changes from clear to translucent at a touch of a button. Glasses with Integrated blinds are another option where blinds are sandwiched between two glass panes.  These blinds are controlled via remote and are perfect solution to keep unwanted dirt and noise to enter your place. Apart from the traditional colored films there are view control films which again changes transparent to translucent with different viewing angles and can be installed in existing windows.


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