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Over the last century, a lot of things have changed about how we do business. Trends have come and gone, cherished and forgotten but one thing has remained constant: people need to meet in order to run a business. Whether there are staff meetings, client meetings or scheduled appointments, your organization needs a specialized space to hold such occasions. Meeting rooms, thus, have become an integral part of every organization.

The interiors of the office are very susceptible when it comes to privacy. Unlike open spaces, well-designed meeting rooms are an ideal space to maintain the much-needed privacy in your organization. Thus, it is important to have a meeting room that isn’t just functional at all the required times but also safeguards your confidential information. These factors make glass solutions an apt choice for designing your meeting rooms.

AIS have come up with their unique privacy glass windows, doors, partitions and facades which are perfect for designing your modern day meeting room. The exclusive list will let you know more about their benefits and why you should opt one for your office-

Instant Privacy – The intelligent glass solution – AIS Swytchglass™- provides you with instant privacy in your meeting rooms. As the name suggests, it switches from transparent to translucent and vice-versa and that too with just the press of a button. Made using Polymer Dispersed Crystal (PDC), it helps in eliminating the distractions and sense of intrusion. Apart from this, employing glass with integrated blinds also help you achieve the much-required privacy in your meeting room settings. With benefits like zero maintenance and 100% water and dust- resistance, this glass range offers a flexible and a cost-effective solution for maintaining privacy in your meeting rooms.

Sophisticated style- Glass solutions have made a breakthrough in the modern architecture of the office. To accentuate the look of the meeting rooms, glass is an ideal choice. Highly versatile and flexible, glass solutions help you achieve the perfect balance of sophistication and style. The elegant designs of the frosted and tinted glasses by AIS provide your meeting rooms with brilliant aesthetics. AIS Swytchglas™’s contemporary style perfectly complements its superior technology. Allowing the passage of light into whichever space they are employed, AIS glass solutions add the desired warmth and style. Furthermore, if you find the curtains and blinds in your meeting room gloomy, you can replace them with glass and enhance its beauty.

AIS glass solutions provide you with amazing flexibility. Whichever wooden glass door design you are choosing for your meeting room, AIS glass solutions readily support it. Textured and obscure, they provide your meeting space with the sense of depth and dimension. Aside from being the beautiful decorative element or functional solution of spaces, they also retain the privacy.

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