5 Top Benefits of Installing uPVC Windows in Your Home
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Installing uPVC Windows in Your Home Is a Good Idea

Posted Date: Oct 01, 2020

There has never been a time as great as today to be a homeowner!

Why, you may ask?!

Never before have buyers enjoyed a universe of choices when it comes to fenestration, construction materials, furnishings, etc. Talking further about fenestration, uPVC is a much-loved material for windows. And why not! uPVC windows scream affluence and sophistication while ensuring maximum functionality and incredible versatility. Moreover, uPVC framed windows come with a host of benefits that make them a robust and aesthetically appealing choice for your dwellings.

Here are a few unsung advantages of uPVC windows you need to know before investing in them-

Sturdy and Durable

uPVC has always been lauded for its tenacity. But, strength alone is not a mark of durability. uPVC windows are largely weatherproof and can withstand the wrath of nature in sweltering months, chilly winters or even torrential downpours. uPVC windows do not crack or chip easily, staying pristine for years. Moreover, they are impact, chemical, UV and saltwater resistant. They also do not allow moisture accumulation and therefore do not rot or peel. Being a synthetic material, uPVC also resists the growth of termite, pests, and mould, and therefore lasts longer than most other window framing materials.

Great Insulation

uPVC is a lousy conductor of heat or cold, and windows made from this material are far better than various other alternatives available in the market today. If you live in an especially hot or cold city, you can ensure enhanced thermal comfort by not only installing heating or cooling devices but also by getting uPVC windows that provide optimal heat insulation.

With uPVC windows, your interiors remain as hot or cold as they are, and your electric bills do not skyrocket. Not only are you saving on energy costs, but also exhibiting sustainable living by choosing uPVC.

Easy Maintenance

uPVC windows fall within the “fit and forget” category if sealed and installed correctly. You can wipe them clean with a soft damp cloth, once or twice every month. However, if your house faces a particularly dusty street, you can wipe uPVC windows clean once or twice every week, and watch them shine up like a new penny.

In case you notice any grime on your uPVC windows that’s not coming off with a simple cloth wipe, you can apply a soapy solution on the grime spot and gently wipe it with clean water. Make sure that the solution contains only mild detergent or soap. However, you will rarely need to spend such time cleaning your uPVC windows, as this material does not easily allow dust accumulation.

Design Variety

uPVC windows are elegant and practical, ooze sleekness, and fit well with most décor styles. With modern advancements in styles and patterns, this material can be moulded to suit the contemporary look and feel of your house entirely. For added customisation, you can always choose patterned or tinted glass or have your windows shaped differently.

Clean, classic and strikingly sharp, uPVC windows always look posh. And, since this material is extremely durable, your uPVC  windows can last for years on end. They fit well in most rooms, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, patios, balconies etc. Whether you are looking to give your home a minimalist feel or want to make it look ultra-modern, uPVC windows are an appropriate choice.

Noise Insulation

In Indian metropolises, where sound pollution is causing stress, anxiety, and loss of focus among millions, choosing windows that make your home a safe haven is extremely important. Thankfully, uPVC windows have excellent noise insulation properties, which means you can make your home largely soundproof without investing in bulky soundproofing technology. For added protection against noise, you can always use acoustic glass along with uPVC frames for windows opening on noisy streets.

Fortifying your window frames with the right glass type and thickness can soundproof your home even if you live amid a tonne of noise.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are several advantages that make uPVC windows an ideal choice for most homes, regardless of their location, design, or decor. So, what are you waiting for? Combine unmatched aesthetics with strength, longevity, and performance by getting uPVC window frames installed in your sweet abode.

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