Innovative solutions from AIS Glasxperts showcased at ACETECH 2016 - AIS Glasxperts – India’s leading glass lifestyle solutions Provider
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Innovative solutions from AIS Glasxperts showcased at ACETECH 2016

Architecture is an art that can transform your way of living and lifestyle. With this belief firmly in place, Economic Times ACETech incepted a platform that offers an opportunity for different brands and companies to showcase their products and innovations relating to Architecture, Design and Decor. At ACETech, prominent personalities from various walks of life come together to celebrate the advancements in the world of architecture and interior design.

It’s a matter of pride for Glasxperts to take part in the event that is an extravaganza of brilliance in design and decor. Returning to ACETech in 2016, brought us to opportunities and interactions that were wonderful. We, at AIS Glasxperts, showcased innovative solutions, giving visitors a glimpse into the world of glass, and helping them visualize how glass can change the appearance of the interiors and exteriors, for the better.

Glasxperts takes pride in adapting to the best and the latest. Continuing this trend, we introduced our virtual reality app at the Glasxperts booth. Something this alluring and engaging was bound to become a prime attraction of ACETech. The virtual reality app left the jury members & visitors charmed. Through this app, we gave our visitors an experience of how their space would transform and look with a touch of glass, doors and windows solutions.


Our glass floor above an aquarium was one of the prime attractions of hall no. 11. Guests flocked in huge crowds to check the setup. This was one of those rare times when a solutions provider created an imitation of real life architectural marvel at an exhibition. The setup displayed the strength of glass as a solution that could withstand heavy duty load and will stay strong even if twenty people are standing on it. Visitors jumped, walked around and even danced on it to test its capacity. The entire setup proved the strength of modern glass solutions and looked amazingly beautiful especially with the fishes swimming under the setup.

Glass flooring

We found the perfect opportunity to showcase the GX-Wood from AIS Glasxperts collaboration at the event. Wood from AIS Glasxperts is one of the leading wood manufacturers in the world and with the recent collaboration, Glasxperts will be able to provide different profiles for their glass panels suiting the needs and the requirements of the space. According to Mr. Aditya Bhutani, COO, AIS Glasxperts, ‘with this collaboration, we will be able to fulfill the every type of need and requirement of our client when it comes to the profiles and give them excellent glass solutions like security, acoustics, energy efficiency, privacy etc. Also, other value-added solutions like wooden decking, cladding, flooring and furniture’ he further added, ‘what makes Wood from AIS Glasxperts stand apart from others is the international standards and quality that they follow. The Accoya wood is the most premium quality wood solution available in the market and comes with a warranty of 50 years.’

Stylish wooden doors and windows

For Glasxperts, glass is more than a solution, it is an art that showcases an individual’s way of living. Our customized solutions are a prime example which represents our belief in a very strong way. We showcased a number of custom glass solutions at ACETech that gained applauses from guests and jury alike. The acoustic and privacy solutions gained a lot of curiosity. AIS Swytchglas™ was one of the prime attractions among the specialized glass solutions. This solution brings privacy at the user’s convenience as they are able to control the privacy with click of the remote’s button. Swytchglas™ is a perfect solution for premium office and residential spaces.

Among the many prized visitors, there were more than 200 architects & interior decorators who were mesmerized by our setup. Along with end customers, the entire setup was a matter of case study among the students of interior design and architecture coming here from different colleges.

ACETech ended on a positive note for AIS Glasxperts . We aim to return with more amazing and innovative solutions next year.

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