Innovations in Glass to Beautify your Interiors
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Innovations in Glass to Beautify your Interiors

‘’Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.’’ – Nate Berkus


Elegant glass solutions
The home, office and interior areas where we dwell in are extremely individualistic spaces. It reflects our own experiences, personal statement and is an expression of our personality, choices and originality. This makes it imperative for the interior décor to be designed and constructed according to our personalized requirements.
Innovation and technology has grown from leaps and bounds in the past decade. This has made some seamless advancements in the sphere of glass industry as well as in the concepts and creativity of interior décor.


Nowadays, there are various applications which have been created and seen modern implementation in interior and exterior space. These applications enhance and uplift the appearance and aesthetics of the living space.
Glass is now available in various types, varieties and modes by which it is used for various interior and exterior décor elements.


Stylish glass staircases
#Toughened Glass – Bringing customized and specialized solutions to reality


Customized glass solutions include skylights, spider glazing, staircase, smart glass, walkways, sliding systems, shower cubicles and blinds glass. These applications are the innovation par excellence and serve equal functionality purposes along with aesthetics.


Skylights are primarily roof windows which provide a visual connection to the outdoor environment to interior occupants. They are day lighting elements which are used to allow direct and/or indirect sunlight, through top lighting. Out of all brilliant glass types available today, toughened glass works best for installing the décor essentials for interiors.


Beautiful Glass Projects By GlasXperts
Toughened glass solutions are an ideal choice for interior spaces when it comes to beautifying interiors with powerful construction. It can withstand temperature up to 250 degrees. One of the main characteristic is that upon breakage, the glass does not shatter but remains intact to the frame thus reducing the risk of likelihood.
Toughened glass is a very high grade tempered glass that is several orders of magnitude stronger than ordinary glass. It involves many benefits upon installation: More impact resistant, lowers the risk of impact induces breakage, increased durability. It also includes laminated glass which is a distortion free, heat strengthened laminated glass with greater stability.


Through groundbreaking glass technology, developed in collaboration with renowned architects, engineers and experienced processors, innovation has helped in designing and establishing landmark buildings, benefitting both natural and man-made environments.


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