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Increase Your Retail Store's Security and Aesthetics with Glass

The concept of window shopping is possibly as old as the commercialization of the retail sector. Large windows and clear facades not only offer retailers a chance to attract customers through their displays, but also add to the architecture and the aesthetics of the shop. Apart from its obvious use in exterior, glass can also be used for table tops, counters, displays, shelves, and doors inside the commercial space in order to impart it a very luxurious and inviting look.

That being said, retailers are often apprehensive of using glass in architecture, mostly because it is falsely believed that glass is brittle and doesn’t offer enough protection. While this could have been true decades ago, modern methods of glass manufacturing have seen the invention of glass types such as toughened glass which is durable, impact resistant and 4 to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass. It can also be modified to keep the external noise away and keep the interiors cool.

Toughened Glass

Toughened or tempered glass is made by heating regular glass to 600 degree C and cooling it quickly thereafter. This process of tempering toughens the glass by several times. If this glass is broken, it disintegrates into tiny pebble-shaped granules that are not injurious to bystanders.

If you are planning to upgrade your retail store’s security without compromising on aesthetics, then the following security glass solutions are perfect for you:

1. Stronglas

This is a high grade tempered glass that is several times stronger than ordinary glass, highly impact-resistant, and a great choice for table-tops, facades, canopies, and washbasins.

2. Valuglas

This is heat strengthened, distortion-free laminated glass with great stability and acoustic dampening properties. Laminated glass is extremely secure as it consists of sheets of glass separated by PVB interlayers which acts like a glue. Valuglas can be used in canopies, skylights, roof lights, etc. and doesn’t even require grills or shutters.

3. Securityglas

This is an advanced laminated glass that provides resistance to burglary and break-ins. It is an excellent choice for your facades and even glass lift walls.

4. Securityplus

This glass has an interlayer of Dupont Sentry Glass TM, and is a reliable material for constructing glass flooring, or for keeping external noise at bay.

These solutions offer exceptional aesthetic quality as well and form the right impression in your customer’s mind whenever he or she walks in to your retail outlet. You can avail end-to-end glass solutions for your store, such as designing, installation and servicing, from many specialized firms in India, such as Glasxperts

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