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Importance of Glass in the Spiral Staircase

Posted Date: May 31, 2020

Toughened glass staircase

Construction and renovation of modern buildings no longer involve brick and mortar methodologies, both literally and figuratively. Every day, architects and interior designers continue to experiment with newer, better, and more practical construction materials. One of the most trusted among these is glass. While glass has been in use in construction for quite some time now, one of its latest applications includes glass spiral staircases. Exuding charm and sleekness, these can be used in every type of setting.

India’s most trusted full-range glass solutions provider, AIS Glasxperts is your best option for getting a spiral staircase made of glass. Here are some reasons you should always choose AIS Glasxperts as your service provider for a glass spiral staircase.

Safety and Security

The glass was once considered a very fragile material, not suitable for standing on at all. However, several new methods of glassmaking have been developed to make the material extremely strong and long-lasting. Glass spiral staircases from AIS Glasxperts are made of toughened or laminated glass that is almost five to six times stronger than regular glass. The Sentry PVB coating on our glass staircases makes them far stronger than regular PVB-coated laminated glass. This means that these stairs do not break easily even on suffering impact and can be used as standard staircases in every residential or commercial space.

Glass spiral staircases from AIS Glasxperts are incredibly safe as well. They usually have some form of railing for support. In case you want increased friction to avoid slippages, you can have your spiral staircase made out of textured glass.

Illusion of Space

A significant downside of staircases is that they take up plenty of space that remains completely unused and makes rooms appear very small. Glass spiral staircases from AIS Glasxperts, however, fit well even in compact rooms and do not appear bulky or overbearing. This is because spiral staircases can have a lot of surface area without taking up much space, owing to their shape. Since glass is transparent, these staircases do not obstruct light and make your room look spacious. They are, thus, perfect for compact spaces or hallways.

Better Lighting

Most people install special lights on or along their staircases to make climbing them safe and easy. However, spending thousands on staircase lighting is not required if you have a glass spiral staircase from AIS Glasxperts. If your glass staircase is located in the open or near a window, it will not obstruct natural lights and be visible throughout the day. Because of glass’ refractive and reflective properties, you can do away with just one or two lights for the entire staircase. This way, you will end up consuming less electricity and make your home more beautifully lit.

Aesthetic Value

One of the main reasons glass is gaining popularity in architecture, and interior design is its aesthetic brilliance and versatility. Glass spiral staircases from AIS Glasxperts are bold style statements in themselves. They are also minimalist and highly customisable, fitting in well with even the most unconventional décor. When installed in commercial spaces, these ooze sophistication and luxury, while for homes, they become intimate and practical. The aesthetic value of a glass spiral staircase is unrivalled, no matter where you have it installed.


If you have regular ceramic-tiled, wooden, or metal staircases, you must know that they require great maintenance and care. These materials are sensitive to temperature changes, moisture, dust, and impact. Since glass is synthetic, it does not get affected by pests, termite, or humidity. Glass spiral staircases from AIS Glasxperts, therefore, remain pristine even after years of installation. The laminated or toughened glass used to construct spiral staircases is also greatly immune to temperature or weather changes and does not expand or contract easily. This means that even if you install glass spiral staircases in semi-open areas, they won’t rot, peel, corrode, or become dull.

AIS Glasxperts is your ideal glass spiral staircase provider, regardless of the way you want to have it installed. Our experts provide holistic services and support you in everything, from shopping for the right kind of glass stairs to post-installation care for them. Our services start as our technicians analyse your building and come up with a detailed report of its design and décor. They then utilise this report to finalise a glass staircase solution for your building. Once you approve our designs and tell us how you wish to have your spiral staircase customised, we help you in shopping for the kind of glass that you want. What follows is a quick, seamless, and clean installation process and a guarantee of excellent customer service in case of grievances.

The moment you start thinking about gracing your home, office, or any other space with glass spiral staircases, contact AIS Glasxperts!

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