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Ideas and Usage of Glass Walkways for Office Space 

Glass walkways and its uses in office space

Posted Date: Apr 30, 2024

The glistening floors of malls, office buildings, and museums often catch one's eye before anything else. Glass has become an integral design element in contemporary architecture, allowing natural light to permeate internal spaces while lending a sleek, modern aesthetic. Commercial walkways featuring glass flooring and balustrades have especially gained popularity for their ability to create visual interest and connect spaces, all while meeting safety standards. 

Here we will cover the pros of glass flooring, the types of glass suitable for heavy foot traffic areas, and additional considerations when planning glass walkways. 

What Type of Glass is Used in Commercial Walkways? 

The glass used in commercial walkways needs to be durable and strong enough to handle foot traffic. The two main options are: 

  • Laminated Glass:

    This type has an interlayer of plastic fused between multiple sheets of glass under heat and pressure. The interlayer keeps the glass bonded even if it cracks or breaks, preventing any shards from falling. This safety feature makes laminated glass ideal for overheads or floors. 

  • Tempered/Toughened Glass:

    In this type, the glass undergoes a special heating-cooling process that compresses the surface and boosts strength substantially. Tempered glass is around 5 times stronger than standard annealed glass. It can effectively handle wear and tear in high-traffic areas. Tempered glass is safer because it breaks into small, blunt pieces instead of sharp shards. 

Both laminated and tempered glass varieties provide sufficient durability for commercial walkways. Certain manufacturers also offer decorative options like colour tints or artistic prints within the glass. 

Top Benefits of Installing Glass Flooring  

Here are 12 compelling reasons to install glass walkways/flooring in your commercial space: 

1. Allows More Natural Light 

Glass floors bring sunlight to poorly lit corners, creating brighter spaces and a welcoming atmosphere for customers. 

2. Enhances Visual Appeal   

The sleek, modern look of glass flooring delivers an upscale appearance. Strategically placed walkways over displays or waiting areas double up as conversation starters. 

3. Easier to Clean 

The smooth, dust-proof surface also makes glass floors much simpler to clean and maintain. All it takes is an occasional wet wipe-down to restore the sparkling transparency. 

4. Colour Customisable 

While most glass floors are colourless for light permeability, varied interlayer tints from subtle to vibrant are possible, too. This allows customisation as per interior design schemes. 

5. Fully Recyclable & Eco-Friendly   

Glass waste from construction or later replacements can be fully recycled. This makes glass walkways an optimal eco-friendly building material. 

6. UV Ray Protection 

The glass used in transparent floors is specially designed to protect the merchandise from getting damaged or fading due to harmful ultraviolet rays. This means that you can safely display your products without worrying about any possible damage caused by sunlight. 

7. Waterproofing Ability  

Glass resists water absorption and corrosion, retaining transparency over time. Walkways can endure wet cleaning, minor spills, etc., without issues.   

8. Safety Standards 

Stringent codes for structural stability, fire safety, wind/ seismic loading, etc., ensure the safety of occupants and the structure. Safety glass and railing provide additional protection. 

9. Weather Resilience  

When glass is installed correctly, it can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, and pollutants without getting damaged. And the best part is that maintaining it over the years will hardly cost you anything. 

10. Electricity Insulation 

Glass is a material that can hold electric currents without any risks. This means that it's safe to walk on walkways that have electrical wiring or fixtures underneath. 

11. Durable Material 

Tough glass floors can endure heavy foot traffic for over 30 years, saving you money in the long run. 

Additional Benefits of Glass Flooring 

Some supplementary advantages include: 

  • Thermal Stability:

    Glass retains mechanical strength and transparency despite temperature fluctuations. 

  • Corrosion-Resistance:

    It does not degrade or discolour upon exposure to air, moisture or common acids.  

  • Spacious Ambience:

    Light permeability enhances the apparent room size.   

  • Lightweight:

    Compared to stone/metal alternatives, glass imparts less structural load. 

  • Energy Conservation:

    Transparent barriers optimise sunlight penetration to reduce artificial lighting costs. 


Glass flooring is an architectural element that provides functionality, safety, resilience, and allure all under one platform. By mitigating recurring expenses and boosting sales, it also has tremendous long-term profit potential. Its versatile attributes are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. You can discuss your requirements with AIS Glasxperts to find the perfect solution. 

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