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How to Take Care of Wooden Doors and Windows

In design and architecture, wood holds special importance. It was one of the first materials used to build homes and buildings, and continues to be an excellent option, especially when you want to incorporate wooden doors and windows in your space. Wood is not only durable and premium but also provides a rich aesthetic look when used as a construction material. In modern architecture, wood is often combined with glass to stunning effect. The beneficiaries of this combination are doors and windows which look a class apart.


While uPVC windows in India are on the rise, wooden frames are also very much in vogue. Unlike uPVC, wood needs a fair bit of maintenance to prolong its longevity. Salt, moisture, dust, and dirt are detriments to wood. Regular cleaning will help you maintain the luxurious look of your wooden doors and windows, and keep them spotless for years. Here are a few excellent tips on how to take care of your doors and windows crafted from wood, especially those having a wooden profile:
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1. Mix 1 tbsp of a liquid detergent, usually a mild one, with a quart of warm water. Make a soapy solution out of it and use it to wipe clean the wooden frames with the help of a clean sponge. Make sure you wring out the dirty water from time to time. This method should only be applied once the window or door has been completely dusted off.

2. For minute accumulations of dirt, you don’t need to use a detergent. Instead, gently clean the area with a very soft-bristled brush wetted with warm water. Use a water jet to remove dirt stuck in inaccessible corners.

3. If the wooden frames have a mildew growth or peeling old paint, it is suggested that you immediately take action. Use a fine-grit sandpaper for scrubbing off the grime. To access corners, use an angled sanding sponge. Before sanding, do remember to tape off the glass windows to prevent damage to the surface.

4. What do you do when you spot cracks in the wooden surface? Fill the cracks with a wood filler with the help of a putty knife, and smoothen the surface with the knife blade.

These were a few tips on wooden window and door maintenance. Do remember, though, that many glass service companies, such as Glasxperts, provide after-service for your wooden profiles. Hence, for proper future maintenance, always purchase wooden profiles from trusted 360-degree providers.

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