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A child’s space for scholastic learning requires more than just the study table and a comfy chair. Your little one is a great learner, but it is up to you to assist him/her with the right environment and peace of mind for better retention.

You must regard function more than form, but the latter can’t be completely ignored either. Irrespective of the fittings you choose, you are advised to refer with glass manufacturers in Delhi or any other suburban city to complete the desired aesthetic. Here are a few things you must consider to create the perfect space for your child to dive in the depths of knowledge:

Give vent to thoughts

The room should be full of fresh air to maintain a healthy environment for the kids. You may consider uPVC frames with their multitude of functional benefits to take care of this front. Instead of having to install windows or doors on two sides of the room, you could simply install a sizeable frame on one wall.

Let there be more light

Ensure that kids don’t stress their eyes while studying a passage from Hamlet or solving an algebra equation. Do get that table lamp in their choice of colour and install enough light fixtures. However, this is one of the rooms where you must harvest natural light. As opposed to the computer and tablet screens, natural light will do them good.

Tip – Get clear glass UPVC frames and blinds to control light as required, and also use high performance solar control glass that reduces glare and cuts out heat.

Decorate the space

As you’re probably aware, it’s rather difficult to get some of the little ones to stay and concentrate on their lessons. Therefore, make sure that the cabinets are colorful with lacquered glass panes, and the space is playful and not only associated with studying for tests or preparing assignments. Get soft colorful rugs for those times when the child wants to sprawl on the floor to finish the fantasy series of his/her favorite novel.

Make all the right noises

The biggest deterrent to concentration is noise; it deters your young gun from making productive use of time. Street noises emanating from the calls of hawkers and vendors, and incessant traffic can be the difference between the average and outstanding grades. uPVC doors and windows are all the noise cancellation solutions you need for this effect. When customized with noise cancellation glass, the study room will be the serene refuge for the kids.

Safe Space

Finally, the space needs to exude a friendly vibe; your child must like to spend time in the study room for it to be a constructive place. Add a few plants around the corners and decorate it with flowers every now and then. Make sure that the space is well utilized and not cramped, and the kids have enough supplies to not let their attention wander without cause.

You can add, from a board for cut-outs to paintings and writings on the wall, to give it the feel the room deserves. Remember to organize it well so the child spends more time lost in merry thoughts than a bunch of stuff!

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