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How to Maintain Spider Glazing After Installation 

Spider Glazing installation

Posted Date: Apr 30, 2024

Installing windows and doors made of glass is commonplace today. But have you ever wondered how large glass facades, curtain walls, and canopies are designed for buildings? Spider glazing is a robust method that utilizes stainless steel glass spider fittings to provide structural support to exterior bolted glass assemblies securely.  

It offers resilience and durability, making it perfect for creating customized designs that complement a building's unique architecture. If you're planning to install glass canopies, curtain walls, skylights, or facades for your residential or commercial building, spider glazing is worth considering. 

Read on to learn more about what spider glazing is, its benefits and applications, and how one can use it to enhance their building's aesthetics. 

What is Spider Glazing? 

Spider glazing is a way of putting glass on the outside of buildings, so it looks nice and is strong and safe. The glass is held in place by special metal parts called spider fittings that are connected to the building's frame.  

The spider fittings are strong and can handle all kinds of things that might push or pull on the glass, like wind, earthquakes, or snow. The whole system includes the metal parts, the glass pieces, some other metal pieces, and the building's frame.  

This way of putting glass on a building is great for making it look modern and cool, and it can be used for all kinds of things like walls, skylights, and even doors! It's strong and will last a long time. 

Key Benefits of Choosing Spider Glazing 

Here are some significant upside and advantages of going for spider glazing solutions: 

1. Design Flexibility 

The primary benefit of spider glazing is the immense design flexibility it provides architects and building owners. Based on the building plans and appearance vision, spectacular exterior glass structures can be created with suspended glass, cantilever designs, inclined glass panels, point-fixed bolting, overhead glazing, etc. 

2. Minimal Maintenance 

Since high-quality stainless steel and toughened glass pieces are used, spider glazing structures require minimal maintenance over decades. The stainless steel prevents any rusting or corrosion issues. The glass panels also don't accumulate dirt easily and can be cleaned effortlessly. 

3. Weatherproofing 

Spider glazing designs are highly resilient towards extreme weather fluctuations, including severe rain, thunderstorms, hailstorms, snow accumulation, and radical temperature shifts. So, once installed properly, the glazing provides lifelong weather protection. 

4. Safety & Security 

The stainless-steel spider fittings firmly secure the glass pieces in place. This prevents the glass panels from getting disengaged from the base structure in case of accidents, earthquakes, etc. The toughened glass also does not break easily upon physical impact. 

5. Enhanced Daylight 

Spider glazing facilitates breathtaking designs with glass facades, skylights, and curtain walls. These allow abundant natural daylight into the building's interiors, reducing electricity consumption for lighting. 

Applications Where Spider Glazing Adds Value 

Now that you know the basics of spider glazing, let's look at the architectural applications where installing this brilliant glasswork could enhance aesthetics tremendously: 

1. Glass Facades 

Spider glazing enables the construction of shimmering glass building exteriors that augment visual grandeur and illuminate interiors naturally. The glass facade can incorporate customized patterns as well. 

2. Glass Canopies   

Overhead glass canopies supported by stainless steel spider legs offer weather protection above entryways and patios while elevating overall building attractions multi-fold.  

3. Building Atriums 

Atriums decked with spider-glazing elements become seamless expansions of internal spaces and provide sound daylighting. The mix of glass and stainless steel looks utterly remarkable.  

4. Curtain Walls 

For panoramic exterior views unhindered by walls or pillars, a structural glass curtain wall bolted with spider fittings is simply perfect. It precludes weather vagaries efficiently.  

5. Frameless Glass Doors/Windows 

Spider glazing allows the crafting of frameless glass entryways or large windows for modern buildings. These amplify indoor illumination and fusion with the outdoors. 


Spider glazing is a modern way to install glass that has many advantages over traditional methods. It is becoming more popular among architects worldwide. Spider glazing is durable, leak-proof, and transparent, giving your building a modern look.  

AIS Glasxperts is a leading glass fabrication and installation specialist in India that offers custom-made spider glazing solutions to meet your unique requirements.  

With years of industry experience and expertise in glass fittings and the latest international glazing techniques, we can provide bespoke spider glazing solutions for your glass facades, skylights, and curtain walls. 

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