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Installing a gorgeous front door is essential as it is the focal point of your house. Exterior wooden glass doors are available in gorgeous and beautiful designs that not only provide security from burglars but also elevate the look of your house. Unfortunately, years of exposure to moisture, temperature changes, and pollution subside the appealing look of the door. In case you want the door to sustain its looks, here are a few simple tips that you can follow.

Keep Your Exterior Wooden Glass Door Tip Top

Frequent inspections of the door

Once installed, a door requires maintenance and inadequate maintenance can ruin the beauty of it. That is why frequent inspections are essential. It will help to identify the various problems or negative impacts caused to the various elements of the door. While inspecting the door, keep the following things in mind:

• Moisture possesses a huge threat to the wooden frames. Look for moisture damage in the wooden frame and in between the glass panels. If you notice any damage, replace the wooden frame immediately and look for the source of the damage to prevent further damage.

• Look for small cracks and if you find any, refinishing the door will get rid of the problem.

• If the weather strip is cracked or discoloured, replacing it immediately is essential to seal any gap or crack on the wooden frame.

Cleaning the Wooden Frame

Cleaning a door is an easy task. Just remember not to use any harsh chemical on the door or it may ruin the paint or damage the wood. Use a mild soapy solution instead, like dish washing detergent or shampoo, to gently clean the wooden frame. Once it is cleaned with the soapy solution, take a dry piece of cloth and wipe the door clean. Make sure to clean the handles too.

Cleaning the Glass

The glass that is perpetually exposed to pollution retains dust and grime very easily. It is essential to clean up the dirty patches and water spots to make it appear more appealing. Like cleaning a window glass, simply spray the glass with a cleaning solution and use a scrubber or a piece of cloth to remove the dirt and spots. Once the glass appears clean, rinse it off with clean water. Subsequently, use a squeegee to clean it and then dry it off with a piece of cloth. The perfect time to clean the glass is a cloudy day because wind and direct sunlight can cause the solution to dry up quickly leaving behind streaks that will look awful.

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