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How To Keep The Interiors Cool For Your Sun Facing Showroom

The architectural décor and layout of showrooms have become highly stylish and has advanced enormously throughout the years. With developments in metro and non-metro cities and opening up of corporate and shopping centers, the need for innovation is increasing in order to keep up with the ever-changing surroundings. Hence, there has been a rising interest for better glass to avoid the extremity of sunlight and to keep the interiors cool to avoid maximum inconvenience.


Natural sunlight is the essential necessity of any office space due to ever rising electricity bills and for natural heat and light to irradiate the offerings of any showroom while maintaining the sophisticated aura. Among its various applications, heat resistant glass is one such perfect resort for suitable interior conditions.
A showroom is an area where products are displayed so it needs to attractive to the consumers who aim to shop. The target is to create a memorable shopping experience for the shopper along with illuminating the offerings of the company or brand. To achieve that there has to be an optimum level of synergy between the décor and the natural light from the sun so that it is not too over or under powering.


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Heat resistant glasses is the solution to cool the sun facing showrooms which provide the following advantages:
- It provides an ideal combination of energy efficiency and ideal day lighting.


- It also helps improved visible light transmission with increased energy efficiency.


- It lets adequate light pass through the glass while it absorbs and reflects a huge percentage of infrared heat.


- It has solar control Low-E double glazed solution that combines energy efficiency, aesthetics and is sensitive to the surroundings.


- These glasses have been made using modern Low-E coating, which provides better thermal insulation and light transmission.


- This type of glass also has a higher melting point, making it more heat resistant than regular glass. Due to its low thermal expansion coefficient, it is able to remain both clear and strong even when exposed to extremely high temperatures.


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- It helps to achieve better energy ratings while being economic and providing environment friendly solutions.
Glass is now available with the latest high technology and these are the ways in which energy efficient glass can be of advantage to big showrooms in order to maintain a classy ambience as well as be cost saving.


Author Bio: Amit Chaudhary, 28 years old handles the Brand Glasxperts of Asahi India Glass Ltd (AIS). He is based out of Delhi and is also a fitness fanatic.


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