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How do uPVC Windows and Doors Improve Security?

Posted Date: May 04, 2020

Doors and windows award homes with structural stability and security while silently furnishing them. Isn't it hard to imagine windowless rooms with openings without stylishly-designed doors? Windows usher in heaps of natural light, whereas doors act as the main entry point into a home.

Therefore, it is imperative to build them in a way that maximises security. This feat is possible by choosing a material that is both robust and aesthetically pleasing. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) is one such material that can make your homes and offices more secure as well as artistic.

What Is uPVC, and How Does It Improve Security?

uPVC, also called PVCu, is a highly resilient polymer capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, requires little maintenance, is available in a variety of colours, and has unmatched durability. Structures made of uPVC are also energy efficient and provide excellent thermal comfort. But this is not it! In addition to all of the advantages mentioned above, uPVC also offers unparalleled security, keeping your home free from break-ins and other unwarranted intrusions.

Let us understand what exactly makes uPVC windows and doors more secure than many other materials.

Multi-Point Locking Mechanism

uPVC windows and doors can be easily fitted with multiple locking mechanisms. This feature enhances security as picking a uPVC framed window or door lock from one side will not unlock it. High-security locks can be fitted around the frames of both windows and doors to make break-ins highly difficult.

If your neighborhood has recently experienced a few incidents of unwarranted intrusion, it may be ideal to opt for a uPVC frame with a multi-point locking system coupled with double-paned toughened glass. Remember that uPVC frames are unbreakable and quick to install.


Fitting your house with uPVC windows and doors makes it safer should a fire-related incident occur. It is a good idea to quiz your fenestration expert on the fire safety features of uPVC before getting the frames installed.

You can also retrofit your home with uPVC windows and doors since they mostly come pre-fabricated. For all you know, simple uPVC frames could be the difference between life and death for you and your family members.

Internal Beading

Every window frame in your home is either beaded externally or internally. The process of beading involves a strip of material – can be wood, plastic, or metal - affixed to the edge of a glass pane that snuggly holds the panel within the frame. Think of this feature as an added layer of security for your uPVC windows and door frames. Older windows still in use are fitted with external beading that can encourage an opportunist intruder.

However, modern uPVC windows and doors come fitted with internal beading, which makes them very secure. Today, if an intruder tried to break into your home with uPVC frames installed, they will have to smash the window glass, thus making a ruckus and drawing a lot of attention to themselves.

Durable, Sturdy, and Long-lasting

Extreme durability, in general, is a mark of enhanced security. uPVC is a tenacious and long-lasting material fully capable of withstanding harsh elements. Therefore, uPVC frames are resistant to corrosion and maintain their efficacy year after year.

If you live by the sea or in prolonged humid conditions, uPVC windows and doors are the right choices for you. These frames come with a special coating that protects them against harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays without fading the colour and finish of these windows and doors.

Resistant to the Elements

It is not uncommon to learn about incidents where a thunderstorm shatters window glass panes and cracks or breaks the frames. Furthermore, weathering is another common problem that most external structures regularly encounter, thus reducing their security. But, not uPVC windows and doors!

We are not saying that uPVC frames are invincible, but they are not far from it. This material stands up to the most trying of weather and wind conditions and still thrives. uPVC can do all this without demanding regular maintenance. But, it is a good idea to inspect and keep your frames clean from any debris that may have accumulated after a massive storm. Keeping a check on them will further ensure longevity. All uPVC frames need a wipe down once every few months with a damp cloth.

The Bottom Line

Are you looking for a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and functionality through uPVC windows and doors? Then, look no further than AIS Glasxperts! We offer 360-degree solutions for uPVC windows and doors. Our team of experts takes complete responsibility every step of the way – from selection to installation to after-sales service. We offer a host of uPVC window and door designs that are sure to match your design sensibilities.

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