Smart Glass Applications Post COVID-19 in Office Floor Plans
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How COVID-19 Will Change Office Designs

Posted Date: May 06, 2020

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The novel coronavirus outbreak has deeply affected the lives of people world over. With many cities currently under lockdown and companies operating remotely, the pressure on businesses to endorse in sanitation and safety measures is high. And given the nature of the health crisis, it is obvious that open-plan office designs are facing a major turnaround.

The office interiors will be re-designed, keeping social distancing in mind. This means fewer places for workers to gather together and an increase in the number of personal cubicles or cabins. A lesser number of workers will occupy conference rooms, and open workstations will be replaced with private working spaces as a precautionary step.

However, one element that will be used increasingly in the office interiors will be a smart glass.

What Is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is a technologically advanced glass that can change the transmission of light passing through it. The process of transmission occurs under the application of voltage, light, or heat. Smart glass is also known as switchable glass because it can switch visibility with the touch of a button.

Smart glass is manufactured based on the PDLC or Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal technology wherein a film of the liquid crystal is used. In their natural state, the liquid crystals are scattered - the glass is opaque. On allowing electric current to pass through with a flick of a switch, the liquid crystals align themselves in a straight line, allowing light to pass through – the glass becomes transparent.  Thus, at the push of a button, you can easily switch from an opaque to a transparent state and vice-versa. Moreover, you can even adjust the opacity levels of smart glass. Meaning, under circumstances where you need both natural light and privacy, you can turn the smart glass translucent.

How Smart Glass will be Utilised in Office Designs Post COVID-19

Towards a Semi-Open Office Plan

Existing office designs have all been about the elimination of enclosed working spaces and an increment in open working plans. However, with the pandemic looming large, there might be a demand for shifting to traditional interior designs – enclosed working spaces. This might jeopardize the connectivity and teamwork that was fostered with the open-plan interior design.

To counter this, smart glass can be used to create a semi-open office design plan that bridges the gap between sanitation parameters and productivity, thereby inducing open-plan designs effectively. A smart glass partition can be made opaque or crystal clear with the use of remote control. It also provides excellent acoustics for minimising noise infiltration. This makes it a viable option that will provide you with privacy while ensuring a safe distance among the employees.

Smart glass can be utilised for partitions to divide an office space, for conference rooms, as hall partitions, and at reception desks. With glass divisions and sub-divisions, the office interiors will also give off a sense of expansiveness and extension to get rid of the claustrophobic atmosphere that is common with closed office interiors. Smart glass can double up as a projection screen for presentations and videos as well. Also, this type of glass requires low maintenance and can be disinfected quickly. These multipurpose utilities make it a superior element for interior designs.

A Creative Option for Physical Distancing

With the use of easily dismountable smart glass partitions and walls in your office, you will be able to get an easy yet mobile alternative for a drywall partition. Ideally, workers should maintain a safe distance of 6ft for the physical distancing to work. This might mean the inclusion of more closed work cabins and private workstations in your office plan, which could hamper the airflow system and affect the ventilation.

However, with the use of smart glass, this can be prevented. Not only are these glasses useful for improving the lighting conditions, but they also facilitate proper air circulation. With the growth in enclosed working spaces, these glasses will be needed more than anything.

Moreover, these glasses are highly energy-efficient and will prove to be fruitful in the reduction of energy consumption. With the world economy showing a major downward trend, businesses could easily save up on energy costs with smart glass. You can also monitor the indoor temperature by adjusting the film on the glass in a manner to receive protection from harmful solar glare.

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