How Wooden Glass Door Designs are Ideal for Home Decor
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Great Wooden Glass Door Designs for Home Décor

Posted Date: Mar 03, 2020

The size and design of doors and windows make a significant contribution to your home décor. There is a wealth of glass door options available these days that one can choose from. Out of them, wooden glass doors award a great deal of charm and elegance to any residential dwelling or office space. Quality woodwork framed around an immaculate glass pane is just what your décor needs. Wooden glass doors are the ultimate combination of functionality and aesthetics. Whether you wish to install them internally or externally, these doors are strong and safe.

Benefits of Wooden Glass Doors

The elegance of wooden glass doors transforms any space into a sheer work of art. But that is not all, these types of doors improve your home’s thermal comfort as well as security. Wooden glass doors also provide openness of space, especially if you are short on square footage, which is many a time the case in modern-day metropolises. Wood and glass are both sustainable materials as they can be fully recycled. Wooden glass doors are soon becoming the gold standard for exquisite design fittings and furnishings in home décor.

Applications of Wooden Glass Doors

Wood-panelled doors are commonly used in homes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, etc. They are great at providing noise insulation when combined with double glazing. You can use a clear glass panel with a wooden frame, or a frosted pane for added privacy. Wooden frames today are available in exceptional finishes and carvings. If you want a darker or grainier wooden finish, opt for logs of oak, walnut, timber, etc.

Types of Wooden Glass Doors

Shopping for wooden glass doors can be a gruelling process, especially if you are unaware about the various design options they are offered in. Here is a comprehensive list of popular wooden glass door designs capable of adding finesse to interiors -

Double Wooden Glass Doors

Want a grand and wide entrance for your room? Then opt for double wooden glass doors. Pair the wooden frame with frosted or tainted glass instead of clear glass for privacy. You can also use smart glass for big glass panels. Under ordinary circumstances, smart glass stays opaque and provides complete privacy. Occasionally, however, you can make this glass translucent with the flick of a switch. Install Swytchglas by AIS Glasxperts. It is a high-quality smart glass that can conveniently be combined with an intricate wooden frame for varied applications.

Sliding Wooden Glass French Doors

These doors open up a room without demanding any additional space. Choose the right type of glass that prioritises your need for insulation, noise reduction or energy-efficiency, and panel it with a dark or light finish sliding wooden frame. These doors ooze sophistication and sheer class. They also usher in tonnes of natural light into your home. Sliding glass French doors offer year-round panoramic views of the outdoors.

Arched Wooden Glass Doors

Arched wooden glass doors provide just a hint of royalty to your interiors. Glass is cut into customised arches and placed inside arched wooden frames atop a rectangular wooden glass door. You can choose to install this door in one piece or get a wooden door with an arched transom window built on top of it separately. These arched transoms can be pushed open for ventilation without compromising on privacy. Arched wooden glass doors display opulence, especially when installed in the main entrance of your home.

Frosted Wooden Glass Doors

Let your doors give out a flavour of your personality. Choose from a wide range of etched, frosted or textured glass designs beautifully fitted inside a simple or carved wooden frame. Frosted wooden glass doors provide complete privacy, but also allow diffused natural light to beam up your interiors. Frosted glass is manufactured by sandblasting or using acid to etch a design pattern on a clear sheet of glass, rendering it translucent.

Hollowed-Out Wooden Glass Doors

These doors allow you to customise the wood-to-glass ratio as per your design sensibilities. Hollowed-out wooden glass doors have a portion scooped out of them in a particular shape or design to fit glass pane(s) inside. You can choose from a wide variety of carvings that can be hollowed out of a wooden plank and fill those spaces with frosted, tainted, or clear glass panes to make a door.

The Bottom Line

There are so many design interventions that can be easily put together by combining wood and glass. Are you confused about which one to zero down? Rely on AIS Glasxperts for all your wooden glass door needs. Our team of professionals provides a complete spectrum of services, from selection to seamless installation, including great after-sales service. Choose from a wide variety of glass options like SwytchGlas, tempered glass, Ecosense, frosted glass, etc. at one location - AIS Glasxperts.


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