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Glassdoor design ideas that will make your office look great!

Glass Door Design Ideas for Office

Posted Date: Jul 08, 2021

These days, open design concepts are quite popular for both residential and commercial spaces. This is because such designs help with maximising space and light - the area can look larger than it is, and the light within the space will spread in a better way. However, sometimes, a completely open concept is not feasible. So, how do you leverage such a good design idea without compromising on your basic needs and privacy? Well, by leveraging glass door designs, of course!

Great glass door designs can bring you the best of both worlds. With transparent and translucent designs, you can still enjoy a good dispersion of light throughout your office while still maintaining a degree of privacy in crucial areas like conference rooms, cabins, and so on.

Not sure if glass door designs fit into your workspace? Here are three ideas that are perfect for offices!

  1. Glass door designs with your corporate identity

    These days, maintaining an identifiable corporate culture is very important for fostering a sense of identity and ensuring talent retention. A great way to do so is by using visual indicators that remind employees of your organisation.

    Using glass door designs with your corporate identity can go a long way. For areas where you don’t want the entire glass door designs to be opaque or translucent, you can simply use your logo in the center. In other areas, where you want to block the view to an extent, you can use your corporate colours.

    When using your corporate colours, you can either use a transparent film on the glass, or you can use back painted glass and ensure opacity. The choice between the two depends entirely on the utility factor - private cabins will need opaque walls and doors while conference rooms and waiting areas can have translucent ones.

    Another space in your office that should have glass door designs with your corporate identity is the main entrance. Employees, visitors, clients and potential candidates for job roles should see your organisation’s branding when walking into the office.

  2. Glass door designs with creative motifs

    If you are a start-up or an agency that works within a creative field, you probably have a young workforce that greatly values self-expression in the workplace. To keep this workforce feeling motivated and excited about their work, you must offer an ambience that makes them feel comfortable and happy.

    Glass door designs with creative motifs can be a great way to go about this. You can either pick a theme and have that implemented throughout the office or set different themes for different rooms to represent the teams that sit within them. The latter lets your employees enjoy more agency over the decor, which helps them have a stronger sense of belonging.

    When you’re going for glass door designs with creative motifs, note that the base glass you’re using can be transparent or frosted (based on what you like). The motifs can be ordered from door manufacturers who are placing the door in the frames. You can get them in the form of decals. All you have to do is peel the sticky end and place the decals wherever you like.

  3. Glass door designs with texture

    Now, if you’re someone who would rather go with a more classic and evergreen approach, then you should get glass door designs that utilise texture to add a visual element to the ambience. Such designs are generally quite versatile and subtle. This means that they can help you create a great-looking office without the design elements constantly pulling focus towards themselves.

    Texture can be seen in the form of a single frosted panel on the glass door, an entirely frosted door, bubbled back painted glass that highlights the absence of any texture by creating a very smooth surface, and so on. These are just a few ways you can play with texture as a design element in your office space.

    Textured glass can also be used to create a sense of privacy. You can use them to obstruct the view of a conference room if you want all meetings to remain confidential. These glass door designs can also be used to block out the view into cabins.

Where can you find stunning glass door designs?

At GlasXperts, we offer a wide range of beautiful glass door designs that can help you transform a dull office space into a beautiful one. As experts in the field, we know all about the latest trends as well as the classic approach for glass door designs and can help you no matter what your needs are. Have a look at our range of products, or speak to our experts about customising the designs to suit your needs.

To know more about how you can use our glass door designs to make your office look great, get in touch with us today!

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