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Tips to Choose Glass Wall Panels for Your Modern Home

Posted Date: May 26, 2020

Don't we all dream of living in an exquisite home flushed with natural light? Unfortunately, that is not always the case, especially in metropolises where houses are short on square footage. But, there is a way around this unrelenting compartmentalization of floor space. Glass walls! These structures are much loved and widely used by several designers to open up spaces.

Glass wall panels enhance the visual flow of a house while still creating separations and also award household members privacy. These structures can completely transform a space that earlier looked boxy.

You can install these glass structures to partition different living areas within your home. If you are looking for a house with a semi-open plan, glass walls are ideal. But first, what factors must you keep in mind while choosing glass wall panels for your modern home? Here are three pro tips to help you select the right glass walls.

Pro Tip 1 - Choose on Account of Available Space and Need

Small homes are sometimes replete with several poorly-lit corners. Glass wall panels can not only help brighten such spaces but in the process, will also give your home a larger appearance. The fluidity and intrinsic transparency of glass offer plenty of flexibility in expanding usable space. Moreover, in case privacy is a priority, you can use frosted glass wall panels or better yet, smart glass wall panels that will enable you to experience privacy on-demand!

Not all rooms of a house receive ample natural light. If you want to brighten up your bedroom, but the natural light is not enough, use glass wall panels. You don't have to convert all walls into glass surfaces! Instead, paint the majority of solid bedroom walls white and turn just one wall to glass. Repeat the same for your living, dining, and study area. You can also divide yet unite the kitchen and the dining area with the help of a transparent glass wall. This unification will give you a clear view of the kitchen without having to inhale any of the culinary fumes.

While this tip may work wonders to enliven a space, it may compromise privacy. But fret not! Get full or partially frosted glass panels installed. Frosted glass wall panels will not only usher in naturally diffused light but will also improve privacy. Glass wall panels assure that light reaches inside rooms or passages that are entirely windowless. Therefore, instead of building up space with four solid walls, substitute one with an expansive glass panel.

Pro Tip 2 - Divide Rooms with Similar Purposes

As mentioned above, it is not a good idea to separate your living room or bedroom from the bathroom using glass wall panels. A fundamental rule of thumb when putting up a glass wall is to use them to separate rooms with related usage. Doing this creates a sense of continuity between these rooms.

For instance, you can put up a transparent or translucent glass wall panel to divide the kitchen and the living area, bedroom and the dressing area, entry passage and the lounging area, etc. You can also use glass walls to separate your bathroom from the dressing area and provide a door between these two spaces for convenient access.

Using glass panels to divide up space is generally a good idea as it will make your home appear more visually organised and open. Furthermore, glass wall panels are also a great way to create a bright and open passage running across the length of your home.

Pro Tip 3 – Choose Panel Designs that Match Your Home's Décor

While it may seem like a straightforward structure, glass wall panels come in various patterns and colours. Invest time and resources scouring the web or visiting glass manufacturers to find the design that complements your home's décor.

For instance, specific wall panels will come with a host of frostings and etchings; others are available in different shades and tints, and some are transparent with frames around the edges and slats across the entire panel.

Glass for wall panels is also available in different textures. For example, fluted glass comes with grooves that obscure the view providing privacy with a sense of openness. Colourful plexiglass or stained glass adds a dash of colour to an otherwise vanilla room. Or, you can settle for the good-old clear glass wall panels as they never go out of style.

Enough of Waxing Lyrical

Remember the adage 'less is more'? So, instead of stuffing your home with solid walls, alternate them with glass wall panels.

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