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Glass Walkways for Offices- Should You Go for Them?

Posted Date: May 08, 2020

For modern sensibility, glass has proven to be a highly versatile addition. Not only is it the go-to material for chic refinements, but it is also making a mark on futuristic interior designs. For both architectural and design requirements, glass has become a staple component, perfectly bending aesthetic appeal with utility. It is truly the element of finesse, shine, and style.

When we speak of style, one cannot help but put forth the quaintness of glass walkways, which are the epitome of contemporary taste. With remarkable finish and sturdy built, these walkways are redefining the trends of the structural design.

If you are looking for a way to reimagine your office space, glass walkways are an absolute must.

Welcome to the New Age of Glass

In recent years, glass manufacturing has undergone several technological changes. With the advent of new processing methods, glass is no longer a fragile material. Now, it can be toughened to provide extra sturdiness and impact-resistance for multiple applications. This enhancement is the way forward to achieve the correct blend of style and safety.

Their high functionality and durability are one of a kind. Contrary to popular opinion, glass can be utilised in applications that require holding mass. Manufactured with superior strength, they can carry the weight of users easily. And at the same time, they make for a spectacular addition to your structural design. In this regard, glass walkways are an excellent choice for your office space.

The Right Touch of Drama

Glass walkways can help you convert a simple commercial building into a stunning example of architectural design. You will be able to add the right amount of drama to an otherwise stately setup. Ever since contemporary office spaces have evolved to include décor choices that instantly pop out, walkways have certainly risen on the list.

Something as monotonous as an office building can look exciting with walkways. Especially for the exterior designs, glass walkways are a splendid choice for their eye-catching properties. With the shimmering glass surface, they are bound to make heads turn in their direction. After all, as a business, your office needs to represent a bold and futuristic ideal. And what better way to do so than the dramatic touch of glass walkways!

Easy Maintenance

Walkways in offices tend to be dirtier, thanks to all the foot traffic they get. This generally means high maintenance. However, with glass walkways, it is the opposite. Since glass surfaces are stain-resistant, they are easier to clean. They do not require any special cleaning procedure for their maintenance. And comparatively, in the long run, glass solutions tend to fair quite well.

A simple wipe and the glass surface sparkles like it is brand new. Also, since it is a type of material that isn’t affected by mould or mildew, cleaning it does not require too many efforts. Be it strong winds or torrential rain; glass walkways can withstand all weather conditions. Therefore, they must be your go-to choice.

For the Shimmering Daylight

As is the need of the hour, innovative green alternatives are the way to go. Any element that encourages a surge in natural daylight is a good option for architectural designs. Since glass is an excellent reflector of light, it can aid in dispersing the daylight to brighten the ambience naturally. By installing glass walkways in your offices, you will be able to enhance the lighting condition significantly.

Especially in contemporary times when work culture is all about the hustle, a simple improvement in lighting can be beneficial. A properly lit space reduces stress, fatigue, and eye strain, leading to a productive workforce. To put it simply, glass walkways can help you find the right balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Connect With Style

Glass walkways are stylish, trendy, and durable mediums for connecting floors in your commercial spaces. They offer a spectacular view to the user and spectator alike while providing a sense of openness. This eye-catching feature is sure to preserve a lively ambience in your office space.

More than connectivity, glass walkways will provide space for employees to refresh themselves while on a break. Unlike the old concrete designs, glass walkways can be used quite innovatively. Since they provide instant excitement, the movement between and across floors in your office will be much more vibrant. With this, you can create a more creative space for workers and enhance productivity manifold.

For high-end quality glass walkways, AIS Glasxperts must be your top pick. Right from the selection process to installation, even after-sales service, we provide 360-degree glass solutions to suit your design requirements. We follow an integrated approach to present our specialised knowledge of glass in the form of innovative and stylish glass solutions.

You can choose from a wide variety of glass arrangements and receive consultations from our expert technicians. At Glasxperts, superior glass production finds space in numerous aesthetic and functional applications. We can meet you at every step with quality services. Contact us today for more information on innovative glass solutions!

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