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Glass Stairs for Luxury Modern Homes

Posted Date: Dec 02, 2020

Glass Stairs for Luxury Modern Homes

Having born and brought up in an era where climbing up a flight of stairs is as natural as the air that we breathe, most of us have never even pondered as to how these brilliant construction pieces came into existence.

Of course, necessity is the mother of all invention, and as such, these architectural wonders also had their conception out of the necessity to be easily able to move to higher or lower ground levels, or terrains. There were even religious or philosophical views attached, such as those where it was widely believed that staircases directed upwards towards the Lord of grace and mercy.

However, speaking of contemporary times, staircases are essential residential and commercial pieces, used for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Residential Stairs: No Longer a Mere Transitional Piece

Did we just mention aesthetics? When all of creation was originally created to be untainted and beautiful, even for the aesthetic senses, then why shouldn’t something as fundamental as your luxury home’s staircase feel left out, right?

Staircases are still necessary, despite the wide usage of elevators and escalators, especially since having the latter two in a grand mansion such as yours is a little too impractical and well, not much aesthetically appealing either, especially when you do not have physically-challenged or elderly people at your home.

Staircase designs further evolved to include proper aesthetic motives as royalty began to unfold across the world. Different styles, materials, and colours started to get introduced – standard straight staircase, L-shaped staircase, U-shaped staircase, winder staircase, spiral staircase, curved staircase, and more. The basic transitional piece was no longer so; it was all that and more – an architectural focal point as can be seen in many modern homes.

 Glass Stairs: Because Life is Too Short for Basic Elements

Well, if you're also planning a home overhaul in the near future, and are ready to wave your old staircase goodbye in favour of an edgier one, you should undoubtedly try out glass stairs! Before you write down your unwilling sentiments in stone, let us understand why glass stairs are a perfect match for your luxury home.

Nothing Screams Luxury like a Flight of Stairs with a Crystal Shine

It was not for no reason that Cinderella’s glass shoes gained much fame – be it the fiction or the real world, even centuries later. The fluid visual appeal of glass, similar to that of a polished crystal, has something about it that instantly gives the impression of opulence, royalty, and luxury. That being said, it is self-evident how glass stairs can perfectly complement your luxury home with its other luxurious elements.

Your Space Will Appear to be Larger than it Really Is

Being a highly reflective surface, glass allows light to disperse all around the room in which it is installed. If your home’s hallway is dark and somewhat gloomy, it can truly transform the look and feel of the space by illuminating natural light. Moreover, glass stairs are also ideal for compact spaces, given their ability to create the optical illusion of your space appearing to be more spacious than it really is.

No Need of Any Maintenance Worries

Yes, since glass is a highly low-maintenance material, resistant to dust, termites, moisture, chemicals, and more, it requires minimal to no upkeep at all. Just a simple wipe with a damp microfiber cloth dipped in a solution of glass cleaner, or baking soda and water will go a long way in keeping your glass stairs spick-and-span for years to come.

You Need not Believe All the Myths Floating Around

Glass stairs are the centre for a number of baseless myths – myths that they are not as functional as stairs built using alternative materials, myths regarding their safety, and myths surrounding slippage and mishaps, among others.

Glass stairs, besides their epic aesthetic features, are in no way lacking in functionality; they will offer you the same level of comfort and carefree use that stairs made of any other material can. Moreover, glass stairs of today are manufacture using safety glass solutions such as toughened glass – a glass that is highly impact-resistant, up to four to five times that of normal annealed glass. So, you needn’t fear the stairs shattering apart while you’re using it – they can handle a decent amount of foot traffic.

Finally, most high-quality glass stairs come with an anti-skid or tight-grip surface, which creates sufficient friction between your legs and the glass' surface. As a result, you will not have to face a situation wherein you're nearly about to have a major accident.

Wish to jump into the glass stairs wagon? Well, you’re welcome to! AIS Glasxperts, being a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of India’s largest integrated glass manufacturer – Asahi India Glass Limited – offers specialised glass solutions for all your residential and commercial projects. Our glass staircases are resilient, low-maintenance, and come with an anti-skid surface for maximum safety and comfort. Come explore all the design options! Get in touch with our experts today.

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