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Choosing the Right Glass Staircase for Your Home

Glass Staircase for Home

Posted Date: Jul 09, 2020

Glass Staircase for Home

Staircases have always held the reputation of being connectors between spaces. However, there is no reason why these transitional structures should be less attractive than the other parts of a home – bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. The truth is, modern staircases, with their glass balustrades and cantilevered steps, are no less than an architectural focal point of a home. If your home’s staircase is not at par, in terms of quality and style, with the rest of your home, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

Glass is emerging as a popular material for staircase design. Besides offering unparalleled elegance and beauty, glass staircases allow ample natural light to flood a space. Moreover, modern glass staircase designs are plenty, each a perfect union of form and function. Let us take a look at some of the most prominent glass staircase designs for homes.

A Plethora of Glass Staircase Designs

Besides the standard type of staircase, there are varieties of glass staircase designs in the market that could be the best choice for your home. Given below are some of them.

Spiral Glass Staircase

For homes facing a severe space crunch, this sleek, slim, and futuristic glass staircase design is the ideal option. Designed to resemble a coiling snake, such glass staircases have treads that pivot or twist around a centre pole with stairs built right on top of the other; they help in maximising space without compromising on style. Owing to their small footprint, such staircases can easily be tucked into a corner of the home. And the glass adds points in terms of offering brighter interiors that also seem to be larger than they really are. However, it is essential to ensure that the spiral staircase is installed opposite to a window so that it can serve its purpose of illuminating the interiors well. One critical thing regarding the spiral glass staircase design is that only one person can use it at a time as the width of each step is quite compact.

L-Shaped Glass Staircase

One of the most common yet attractive glass staircase designs is the L-shaped staircase. In this design, a flight of straight stairs usually transitions in a different direction and takes the shape of the letter L, either in the middle or close to either of the ends. The turn is usually achieved with the help of a landing platform. When the flight of stairs is split in two and connected by a 90-degrees quarter-turn landing, the L-shape occurs.

The L-shaped staircase is another excellent choice for modest homes. This is because such a glass staircase doesn’t take up much space and can be easily installed in restrictive areas and corners. Moreover, these staircases also have wider landing platforms, which make it easier for you to navigate. These navigating platforms also provide natural resting areas when climbing up the stairs.

U-Shaped Glass Staircase

Another visually-appealing staircase is the U-shaped glass staircase or switchback staircase. This type of staircase involves two flights of stairs facing 180-degrees from each other with a landing platform in between. The two staircases form the letter ‘U, after which this design has been named. The landing platforms offer natural resting areas and make the stairs easier to navigate.

This is one of the unique types of glass staircase designs that you can incorporate in your home. Suitable for larger homes, the U-shaped glass staircase can be used in living rooms to connect them to the rooms on the upper floor. This staircase design adds a modern, open look to your home.

Curved Glass Staircase

Adding a curved glass staircase design in your living space can make your home’s interiors stand out. Curved staircase ‘curves’ subtly in a direction without utilising any landing platforms. These staircases are quite easy to traverse, and just like their spiral counterparts, they are useful in space-maximisation.

Curved glass staircases are associated with grandiose and elegance. Their unique statement and visually-attractive appearance make them an excellent option to be used near an entryway. They are also an excellent addition to the foyer.

Many homeowners are concerned about whether installing a glass staircase will be a safe option or not as people still associate glass with fragility. Originally, glass was a delicate material, but modern-day glass solutions have made it stronger. A glass staircase is usually constructed from toughened safety glass to offer optimum strength and can easily support a decent amount of foot traffic. This type of glass is highly impact-resistant and 4 to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass.

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