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Uses of Glass Spider Fitting

Uses of Glass Spider Fitting

Posted Date: Jun 05, 2020

Uses of Glass Spider Fitting

No other material compares to the sheer magnificence of glass! That is why most modern-day architecture comprises buildings draped entirely in glass. Such glass curtains are generally made of many panes bolted together with the help of glass spider fittings.

What is a Glass Spider Fitting?

Spider fitting is a contemporary solution for holding together exterior glass assemblies. These fittings have legs fanned across the sides, forming a shape that looks similar to a spider’s legs. These fixings are made from high-grade stainless steel and are designed to absorb the dead weight of glass, wind loads, and temperature-related expansion and contraction.

Spider fittings uniformly distribute stress and are manufactured by a precision casting method called Silica Sol Casting. This process uses silica sol zircon sand for making the mould. After moulding, liquid steel is poured into the cast and cooled down.

Standard Dimensions for Glass Spider Fittings

If you are in the midst of a renovation or construction project and wish to get a glass curtain installed, you must know the standard dimensions of spider fittings available in the market today. These fixings generally come in five different sizes.

150mm Type Fitting – These are relatively small and most often used in canopies and double-glazed structures.

120mm and 160mm Type Fitting- These are most commonly used to install glass handrails and guard bars.

200mm Type Fitting – These fittings are used in canopies, where the glass area lies between 1.5-metre square and 1.8-metre square. 200mm fittings come in six different weights for different load capacities.

250 mm Type Fitting - This is the most commonly used dimension as it has a robust load-bearing capacity that makes it very safe. 250mm fittings also come in six different weights.

300 mm Type Fitting – This is the largest size of spider fitting available in the market today. Use these if the cover area of glass is above the 3.0-metre square mark.

Applications of Spider Glass Fittings

These fitments are widely used in creating curtain walls as given below.

External Façades - Used in offices, restaurant, hotels, shopping malls, stand-alone stores, etc.

Inclined Façades - Buildings that have a tilted external appearance.

Double-Skinned Façades - Structures that have two skins or glass curtains installed in a way that air blows through the intermediate space between them.

Glass canopies – A type of glasshouse that offers protection from rain and wind throughout the year.

Transparent Roofs – Several modern structures have a clear glass roof assembled with the help of spider fittings.

Benefits of Glass Spider Fittings

It is not news that these fixings are responsible for contributing to the creation of most glass curtains and assemblies today. Thanks to spider fittings, several panes of glass are no more set inside of frames but instead held in place with a point – fixing. These fixtures take aesthetic innovations in glass to the next level.

Since frameless glass panes can now be set next to each other, the façade provides unobtrusive and expansive viewing. Glass curtains created with the help of spider fittings also ensure that the interiors receive abundant natural light. Spider glazing allows older quaint buildings to be exposed in their most beautiful form.

The safety of a façade purely made of frameless glass can be a common concern for many. But, these structures are entirely safe and extremely durable because of the tenacity of spider fittings. These fitments are the secret champions behind glass curtain walls. Additionally, getting stainless steel spider fittings installed is not messy at all.

Because these fixtures are made from high-quality steel and precision casting, they are entirely free of rust and corrosion. They also do not require any maintenance. However, during a glass cleaning drive, wipe these fittings with a damp cloth.

Glass curtains come with several glazing options, all of which can be affixed using spider fittings. These façades can be made using double or triple glazed toughened safety glass with added benefits like energy efficiency, soundproofing, thermal insulation, etc. Toughened safety glass does not crack or break easily upon impact. This quality makes it an ideal choice for external glass structures that require unbeatable strength.

The Bottom Line

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