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Glass solutions in doors and windows

Glass is the most novel, innovative and modern home furnishing/décor solutions. It was introduced as a new and contemporary way to design and build house interiors, so as to provide an attractive and suave artistry within. With the progress in manufacturing and technology, glass has possibly implemented many aesthetic, customized solutions for your personal space to enhance your home.


Frosted Glass doors

Doors and windows form a major part of home interiors and complement the overall finesse and appearance. Doors and windows are crucial and indispensable as they maintain the proper ventilation and complete the look of the interior. With the gradual technology in glass solutions, glass has not only helped in implementing doors and windows for interiors, but has also lent various modes and designs for the same.


Sliding system use the interesting and innovative mechanism of sliding door gears to operate the door or windows they are installed by. They open horizontally by sliding, usually parallel to a wall and give both quirky and aesthetic outlook for your interiors.



# Sliding doors made of Wood and aluminum – The new resort for glass solutions
Within doors and windows, you have multiple choices within wooden, aluminium and uPVC profiles. Nowadays, along with aesthetic value, there are other features like safety, security, noise-cancelling etc. which are gaining importance. Today, sliding doors and windows made of wood and aluminium are gaining huge importance and popularity for glass solutions.


Wood is a premium and environmentally sustainable option and is a perfect choice when it comes to sliding windows and doors. It offers a sense of luxury to your home, and is as functional as any other systems. Wooden profiles made from timber wood and aluminium framed windows or doors made from aluminium glazing are generated using specialised machines to provide you with unmatched finish and quality.



Light yet strong, aluminum windows and doors can be configured into a wide variety of combinations. The narrow build of the frame shifts the viewer’s focus on the glass, and subsequently the view it offers. Multi-panel door systems are often made with aluminum frames to facilitate indoor/outdoor living. In aluminum options, thermal break systems that help in reducing energy consumption.


Glasxperts has developed a conventional set of sliding doors and windows solution that perfectly fulfill the requirements of your space. The windows will be installed at the site by our trained installation team to ensure correct fitting and insulation.



These are some of the extraordinary ways in which customized home décor solutions can alter your interiors with grace and elegance. These solutions bring unmatched quality for your interiors according to your requirements and preferences.


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