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Glass Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

Posted Date: Oct 26, 2017

Peace and tranquility are principal requirements in healthcare establishments. While, doctors need to be placid in the operation theatre, any sort of exposure to noise and light would be counterproductive for the recovering patients. This stresses upon the need for smart architectural solutions for any healthcare space, and glass is definitely one of them.

Being a versatile construction material, toughened glass has paved its way into hospitals and other health centers. Its dynamic qualities have found use in personal rooms and even operation theaters. Stating the obvious - glass exudes a subtle air of elegance that complements its structural integrity well. Privacy and utility are two aspects pivotal to glass. Here are a few benefits of employing glass as a material in the healthcare sector.


Physicians and patients spend a considerable part of their time indoors. With extended footfall, both the groups require privacy in their own activities. The high sun during the day can disturb the patients easily. Toughened glass manufacturers have wrought Swytchglas™ for the instant privacy of the inhabitants of the health centers. They provide perfect visual insulation by turning from transparent into translucent with the touch of a button, and can be easily operated from a smartphone or a remote.


A secure atmosphere is indispensible at these buildings for obvious reasons. One highly durable solution for the same is laminated glass which not only has high break-in resistance but also never breaks into dangerous shards unlike other glass types.

Securityglas TM, one of the best laminated glass solutions in the industry, offers exactly these features, thus eradicating the need for added security installations.

Noise Insulation

Any kind of noise can be a deterrent to the recovery of the patients. Additionally, it may put off the operator’s concentration while treating a patient. Laminated glass with its dynamic qualities, blocks all external noise ensuring a soothing atmosphere. It doesn’t require much external support for structure either. You can employ AIS Acousticglas for exceptional noise reduction by up to 50-60%.


A material that is visually comforting and offers utility is the perfect choice for hospitals. Stronglas TM, for that matter, can be used for table tops, canopies, washbasin, and washroom enclosures alike. The tempered glass is exceedingly strong and doesn’t break due to considerable impact and ensures safe surroundings for years at a stretch.

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