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Glass Shower Doors for a Truly Modern Bath

Posted Date: Nov 17, 2019

Always loved the feeling of fancy aesthetic bathrooms in top-tier hotel rooms? Adore the luxurious feeling that all-glass interiors have to offer? How about reliving the same regal feeling every day from the comfort of your home?

When redecorating, renovating or building new homes, homeowners pay a lot of attention towards choosing the décor of living rooms and bedrooms. However, the bathrooms are placed at the back-burner. This creates a sharp contrast between them and the rest of the home.

But thanks to modern architecture, you can say goodbye to boring, misty bathrooms. Spruce up your bathroom’s interiors with classic glass shower doors that simulate the luxurious feel of snazzy hotel bathrooms. The problem, however, is that not many people are sold on the idea of installing glass shower doors in their home. Despite loving their aesthetic appeal, several homeowners are still wary about the fact that glass shower doors aren’t a practical choice for everyday use, a fallacy which is far from truth!

Glass shower enclosures not only elevate the aesthetic brilliance of your bathrooms but also increase the functionality of your space for a truly modern bath. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out some of the many benefits of installing glass shower doors in your bathrooms.

Advantages of Glass Shower Doors

Extreme Durability

A common misconception about glass is that is extremely fragile and prone to breakage. Modern glass, however, undergoes various processes and treatments to achieve its extraordinary strength and durable properties. AIS Glasxperts uses specially curated tempered glass and heat soaked glass for designing glass shower enclosures that are typically 5 times stronger than annealed glass, making it the perfect choice for your glass shower doors.

Ensures Safety

Another key advantage of glass shower enclosures is that they are extremely safe. By demarcating the bath area from the rest of the bathroom, you spare yourself the hassle and worry of water spillage as is the case with conventional bathrooms. Hence, you can have a carefree bath without worrying about slipping and falling due to wet floors.

Sustainable Choice

Made out of sand, limestone and sodium carbonate, glass is 100% sustainable and non-toxic. Being a 100% recyclable material, glass can be recycled indefinitely and up to 4-6 times a year ensuring that no carbon footprint is left behind.  As a result, glass shower doors have become a popular choice amongst environmentally-conscious architects and interior designers looking to incorporate environment-friendly materials in their projects.

Scope for Customisation

Glass shower doors can easily be customised to fit in your need for privacy, both in terms of visibility and audibility. You can go for acoustic glass solutions that will provide you with the soundproofing that you need to enjoy a peaceful shower time and at the same time, you can even opt for frosted glass option to obscure visibility.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

A huge jump from mouldy shower curtains, glass shower enclosures serve as the perfect décor that not only make your space look much more hygienic and clutter-free but also instantly adds grace to your bathroom’s interiors. Owing to their light-reflective properties, they create the illusion of a larger space, thus serving as the perfect choice for cramped washrooms. Moreover, their attractive designs instantly add a touch of glam to enrich your showering experience.

When decorating your bathroom’s interiors, a lot of emphasis is placed on the tile patterns of the floors and the walls as they set the mood and theme of your space. However, shower curtains can diminish the appeal of meticulously chosen marble designs and be a dampener to the ambience. Glass shower enclosures, on the other hand, come in a variety of unique designs, textures and colours to accentuate and blend in with the rest of the interiors to create a stylish bathroom.

AIS Glasxperts offers a multitude of colours and patterns for glass shower enclosures that instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. Etched glass, for instance, is perfect for those who like to have privacy without having to deal with the mess of shower curtains. The carving on the glass surface provides a smooth satin-like effect with a coloured or white frosted finish to create a semi-opaque cubicle. For those who want to jazz up their bathroom interiors with a splash of colour, ceramic-fit glass is the ideal option. It is an enamel-painted tempered glass solution offering the right balance of aesthetics, privacy and safety.

Maintenance-Free Design

Love to treat yourself to a soothing shower but hate cleaning up the water spillage outside the shower area? Say hello to hassle-free cleaning with low-maintenance glass shower doors. With properly installed doors, you can forget about your shower woes outside of the shower area. They completely seal the cubicle allowing you to have a truly stress-free bath. Moreover, you need not worry about slipping and harming yourself every time you step outside the shower.

Can’t wait to give a new life to your bathroom with our exquisite glass shower doors? Get in touch with AIS Glasxperts- India’s leading glass solutions provider for all your glass needs. We offer 360-degree solutions right from product design up until the final installation to ensure long-lasting performance and maximum client satisfaction. So, get in touch today.

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