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Glass partitions as decor is in trend today. It has replaced the boring old plastic curtains. Washroom is a very personal space and equal importance is given to enhance its beauty and look. Using glass as decor will give an illusion of wider space and will make it look well lit. There are many options available for the ones seeking a luxurious setting for their bathroom interiors. Today one can choose from a myriad of solutions designed and manufactured by the specialists.


Hospitality industry uses the versatility of glass solutions and has started to use it as a décor option. Stylish glass bathrooms can be spotted at many hotels, pubs, clubs, lounges and cafes. The industry is tapping at every opportunity to make their guests feel luxurious in unexpected ways.


Glass showers

Bathroom is a very personal space and nothing is more appealing to a guest than an ornate setting for their bathing space. Today, hotel owners are leaving no stone unturned to make the bathing space look more aesthetically appealing. Boring concrete and wooden structures are being replaced by glass partitions. These partitions present a very ornate setting and give a very stylish setting to bedroom and bathroom.


Glass shower cubicles present a very luxurious look to the bathroom interiors. With available in a multiple options, one has freedom to choose from transparent and translucent cubicles based on their convenience and likings. These cubicles and durable and skid proof because of manufacture techniques. The modern manufacturing techniques make sure that cubicle doesn’t get slippery. As it is available in a number of shapes and sizes so it can be installed in any space depending on the requirement.


Stylish Glass partitions

The wow- factor is what everyone looks for and no stone is left unturned to bring the ambiance to life, thanks to the versatility of glass options available to today’s consumers.


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