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Glass Based Security Solutions for Interiors

Glass Based Security Solutions for Interiors

Issues of safety and security are critical and essential for any interior set-up. Welfare and protection are of prime importance for any living space. When we speak about the security of any space, we refer to keeping it secure from outside elements as well as indoor factors. This makes it essential for your family members to feel as secure and safe as they would feel in their own homes. One way to make sure that their property delivers a theft-free environment is by installing toughened glass. There are types and modes of strong glass available today for beautifying and building décor. Out of the many present, toughened glass is one such type which is strong and coherent for various applications.


AIS Stronglas, which is a type of toughened glass, is processed and controlled by thermal or chemical treatments. This is done to increase the strength and make it stronger than ordinary glass. This constant reheating and cooling puts the outer surface into compression and the inner surface into tension. By putting the glass under such stress, when broken it crumbles into small granular pieces instead of shards, and are less likely to cause injury.

Toughened glass plays a vital role when it comes to heat resistance and durability within your homes and offices. It is used for windows and doors to provide extra security and in interior applications such as glass tables and partitions. This reduces the risk of injury as the chance of the glass breaking is very low and if broken, it does not cause injuries.

The use for laminated glass ranges from entrance doors and glass floors to aquariums and display cases. Two layers of glass are sandwiched with a laminate in order to create this sturdy variety. The laminate is the reason why the pieces are held together when it is broken. The chances of injuries are minimized because the glass tends to be in the frame. Doors and windows made from this type are considered very safe as they do not shatter easily. Breaking into a home secured in this manner is not easy as it involves a lot of effort and a lot of noise. This laminated variety also provides a good degree of sound proofing in high traffic and noisy areas but this of course depends upon the quality of the laminate material.

Tempered glass is almost 5 to 10 times stronger when compared to its untempered counterpart. One very noticeable quality of this type is that it breaks down into small granular pieces rather than sharp shards. This can be attributed to the way it is constructed. While being manufactured the outer surface is put into compression whereas the inner surface is put into tension. Apart from being heat treated this variety is also treated with hydrofluoric acid to etch away surface scratches and increase strength. The tempering process does not affect the stiffness much. As compared to the annealed glass, tempered glass can take a higher load and deflects further before breaking. However once the glass is toughened it cannot be reworked. Polishing and drilling holes into the glass needs to be done pre-toughening.

So when it comes to choosing which type would serve your purpose well there are a few things you need to consider. Ground level doors and windows made from laminated glass are a safe bet. This is also the most susceptible area when it comes to breaking and entering. This utilization in public buildings and office complexes has steadily increased over recent years. Places prone to severe weather should use the tempered variety on the exterior. The best utilization of space is an important criterion when it comes to interior design. The two best advantages of using laminated glass is the increased protection and sound proofing it offers. This would be perfect for a corporate room setting but the construction model should include an emergency exit as breaking out of such a room would be as difficult as breaking in. When it comes to windshields laminated glass is an obvious choice because in case of an accident the chances of the driver and passengers being cut are reduced.


Here are a few facts about tempered and laminated glass, explaining why laminated glass must be used for our bent and curved glass applications:

  • SAFETY: Where safety is a concern - walkways, railings, and other structures were the strength of the glass is relied upon for human protection - tempered glass is almost never the right choice. Tempered glass, if compromised, will break and shatter, splintering into small pieces and posing a serious threat. Laminated glass, on the other hand will simply crack, but will remain as one piece and in its place. Many applications of bent or curved glass are for walkways and stairways.
  • SOUND: Bent and curved glass is often used for automotive glass and marine glass installations. In both these cases, sound proofing is often a high-priority, since vehicles produce a great deal of noise. Laminated glass is a great option for any situation where sound proofing is of a concern.
  • SECURITY: For security concerns, laminated glass is the preferred choice, since it does not shatter. Tempered glass used for store-fronts or window displays are easily smashed into thumb-sized pieces, giving thieves a safe and easy entry-point to steal merchandise and other valuables. Since laminated glass does not shatter, an attempt to break it will just result in a very big spider-web pattern.
  • MALUBILITY: There are many additional benefits as to why we choose to use laminated glass. The characteristics of laminated glass are very flexible and forgiving, which is what allows us to bend, curve and shape it in the first place. For contractors and installers, laminated glass can be cut and shaved down for a perfect fit. If you were to try to manipulate or modify a pre-cut piece of tempered glass, you would just end up with pieces.
  • UV PROTECTION: Thanks to its PVB interlayer (polyvinyl butyral), a type of plastic film that holds the layers of glass together, laminated glass also blocks out 99% of UV rays. This characteristic makes it excellent for window and skylight applications. Valuable art work, carpets and furniture that are exposed to significant levels of sunlight will be protected from damaging UVA and UVB ultraviolet light.

Toughened glass is 4-5 times stronger than standard annealed glass of the same thickness; it’s a key safety feature in the specification of domestic rooflights and skylights as it is designed to crumble into granular type fragments when broken, rather than shatter into jagged shards, like annealed glass. This significantly helps to reduce the risk of injury.

Switchable glass

Heat Soak Testing

Heat soak testing is carried out during the manufacture of the glass and will filter out around 95% of problem units. This involves heating tempered glass up to 290 degrees Celsius and holding it at that temperature over a controlled period of time.

Laminated Glass

Annealed laminated glass can also be specified for some rooflight applications. Laminated glass is produced by combining two or more sheets of float glass with one or more interlayers. Glass integrity is maintained from a ‘laminated’ interlayer, commonly PolyVinylButyl (PVB), which is processed with heat and pressure under factory conditions.

Should any damage occur, the interlayer holds any fragments together preventing them from falling, reducing injury risk even further.

Reinforced Glass

There are several methods of reinforcing your glass windows with secure materials. The first is with tempered glass, which is much more durable than traditional glass and therefore more difficult to break. It is also one of the least expensive options for reinforced glass, although it is still expensive when compared to traditional glass panes. Laminated glass, also known as safety glass, is another excellent option for your home’s windows. Laminated glass usually consists of a layer of vinyl sandwiched between two sheets of regular glass. To break through safety glass, a burglar would have to strike repeatedly in the same spot, creating a lot of noise – and thus proving to be an excellent thief deterrent.

You may also look into wire mesh glass or bullet-resistant glass for extra security, but be aware that these products are pricey and for most families, don’t provide extra security benefits over less expensive reinforced glass options.

Doors and windows form a major part of home interiors and complement the overall protection and appearance. Doors and windows are crucial and important for indoors as they provide proper enclosure and protection. With the gradual technology in glass solutions, glass has not only helped in implementing doors and windows for interiors, but has also lent various modes and designs for the same.

strong glass solutions

With the present increment in the rates of theft, it has become necessary for the residents to sustain their establishments using channels that will block the criminals from having their way. Not surprisingly, most households are finding a way to set up solid efforts to establish safety, for their homes. Thus it is of paramount importance to install protective measures at home for the safety of oneself and loved ones.

Security is a sensitive and critical issue in India where along with safety of one self, aesthetic solutions are also taken into account especially when it comes to residential areas. As opposed to mainstream practices, glass today isn't used as a delicate material, which is a direct result of the advancement of new development systems, esteem increments and handling being done on glass. The item is currently solid, tough, and strong and thus considered a suitable decision for more basic necessities of a residential space.

Toughened glass and laminated glass solutions are an ideal choice for residential spaces when it comes to security.

Glass based security solutions are manufactured using special process that makes it stronger than the normal glass. It can withstand temperature up to 250 degrees. One of the main characteristics is that upon breakage, the glass does not shatter but remains intact to the frame thus reducing the risk of likelihood. It is perfect for homes where children reside. These glass solutions look aesthetically pleasant and also can be customised at one’s choice.

Thinking security most people have visions of steel doors, thick glass, locking systems that are hard to operate, and limited colour choices. This does not have to be the case. Security features come in specific categories: Frame and wall connections, hardware, glass and fillings. Within these categories, the level of security you want to achieve can be defined.

glass window

There are lots of options for glass. Security levels are determined by the thickness of glass, its hardness, and the laminates in between panes. The higher the impact resistance, the stronger the laminations. Most people would not be able to tell security glass from any other, unless they would have to lift it. However, laminated, tempered glass alone will not provide security. The glass (or wood panels sandwiched with steel) have to be glued to the frame of the windows or doors. That will make sure that, even if the glass has been broken, it cannot be removed from the unit. The downside of security glass glued into the frames is that, once broken, the whole sash has to be replaced. Even our installers will have a very rough time cutting security glass out of sashes.

Bullet proof glass looks quite similar to any ordinary glass. What makes it different is its ability to stop one or more bullets, depending on the firearm used, from penetrating it. Manufacturers create the glasses in various strengths and thicknesses to protect against physical attacks.

Glasses that are fabricated to withstand bullet impact, forced entry, bomb blasts, attempted assault, and the like can protect anyone within its enclosure. Whatever wicked intentions are aimed at a person, a facility, or a building, the glass can stand as a barrier against the attack to ensure a high degree of security.

When it comes to the first line of defence against bullets, detonations, and other unwanted attacks, fabricated security glasses take on the job effectively. They can be used in residential buildings, airports, banks, and other areas where optimum security is required. The effects of outside threat can be prevented or completely stopped with the installation of secure glasses.

Bullet proof glass is not only used to protect people from physical attacks, but also to prevent criminals from escaping detention.

Bullet proof glass can be used in many applications including government buildings, airports, commercial centres, industrial facilities, residences, and other areas that are prone target areas for attacks. There are various types of glasses to choose from offering different features. They can be customized and enhanced to provide better protection. Some glasses are further enhanced and fabricated to withstand blasts and forced entry attempts. The type of glass to use will depend on the level of security required in the area where it will be installed.

Glass is now implementing most interior solutions and is proficient in delivering best results. These are some of the excellent ways in which toughened glass can be enhanced to give energy efficient solutions and alter your interiors with architectural and technological excellence. These solutions bring superlative look for interiors according to the requirements and preferences.

Author Bio: Amit Chaudhary, 28 years old handles the Brand Glasxperts of Asahi India Glass Ltd (AIS).  He is based out of Delhi and is also a fitness fanatic.

Contact Details: Write to me at or call 08800392020

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