Frequently Asked Questions on Office Glass Designs
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Frequently Asked Questions on Office Glass Designs

Posted Date: May 17, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions on Office Glass Designs

An office is a productive space where teamwork, vision, and creativity coexist in a formal and systematic environment. It encompasses the ability of brilliant minds who strive to achieve something every day with utmost sincerity, clarity, and transparency. And what’s a better way to signify clarity of thoughts and transparency of action than glass?

We know that you’re having many questions about glass designs and the role they play in office décor and architecture. Why do we see them everywhere? What is the importance of office glass designs? Well, keep your queries intact as you will get all your answers here. Continue reading to find out the answers to the most common questions asked about office glass designs.

Where can Office Glass Designs be Introduced?

Glass designs are used everywhere. Their utility is enjoyed in a plethora of ways, such as in corporate and business frameworks, hospitality segments, educational institutes, IT offices, cubicles, and whatnot. Office glass designs are also the epitome of modernity, which is why newly-incorporated offices tend to have glass frameworks as far as the eyes can see.

They are also functional in multiple segments of a building. Doors, partitions, conference rooms, façades, windows, and skylights are prominent areas where office glass designs are installed.

Office glass designs enhance the structure of an otherwise dull-looking construct and modify its aesthetics, which is why they are widely used by innovative builders and architects, especially those working on ambitious corporate projects.

How Do Office Glass Variants Differ?

Office glass variants can be classified based on their application and material. Different places in a workspace demand different functionalities from a glass structure; however, the variant of glass to be used in a corporate building can be broadly classified as standard or plain glass and high-performance glass solutions.

Performance glass sheets are made for practical usage, with advanced qualities like thermal and acoustic insulation, UV protection, impact-resistance, unprecedented aesthetics, opacity, etc. For instance, heat-reflective or energy-efficient glass protects the building from heat and UV rays and also facilitates optimal daylight and glare management, which is why it is used in the construction of facades that lend the corporate edifice its shine and professional appearance.

Office glass designs such as glass films, abstract glass, antique glass, fluted glass etc. are plain glass sheets that provide an aesthetic outlook to an office. Their purpose is to beautify the office’s décor, especially the interior environment. Reception areas, desks, cubicles, etc. are the interiors where plain glass finds its utility. However, performance glass can also be used depending upon the need. For instance, back-painted glass can be used for desks, rendering them not only a vibrant countenance but also doubling up as a handy writing area for urgent note-taking or reminders.

What are the Durability Standards for Office Glass Designs?

Modern-day glass is durable enough to face normal wear-and-tear and even disasters. Some glass variants are constructed to prevent injuries even if the glass breaks (toughened glass). However, every glass variant has its durability and strength which acts as its applicability factor.

Internal office glass designs are made from plain glass or float glass. Both withstand a fair amount of human pressure; however, they are not durable enough for usage in desks or staircases. For such cases, safety glass is the ideal choice. Various offices have glass roofs and externals that are constructed out of partitions made of safety glass. Office floors, windows, balustrades, etc. are critical structures where accidents may happen. These areas also use safety glass, which is immune to heavy impact and can even withstand high wind pressure and foot traffic.

How Can Glass Designs Benefit an Office Environment?

Office glass designs take the aesthetics of the workplace from drab to fab; at the same time, they are highly functional, ensuring that their beauty is not just skin deep. They can cover diverse needs, be it that of privacy or safety, be it energy-efficiency or acoustic insulation.

Interior glass partitions are thinner than traditional walls and yet, extremely strong and durable, which makes their installation a space-efficient choice. They are a boon to offices that operate with a large workforce, such as BPO offices and banks. Their installation does not require any high-end construction and they ensure continuity in productivity. That is when innovative glass solutions like frosted or tinted glass are used for privacy. Smart glass is another option becoming popular for office partitions as its “privacy on-demand” feature allows workers to experience the best of both worlds.

Glass façades and roofs act as a great insulation material. It is their usage that allows towering corporate buildings to beat the heat in style – the facades are usually installed with heat-reflective or low-E glass that reflects most of the unwanted heat and glare while only allowing the much-needed daylight to invade the gorgeous interiors. This helps offices save loads on energy by cutting down the usage of cooling systems and artificial lighting. Moreover, the natural light boosts worker productivity.

Then we have safety and acoustic glass solutions; where the former ensures every occupant of the office building remains safe and sound, the latter ensures all operations are carried out in a calm and relaxing environment.

Amidst such advanced functionalities, modern-day glass solutions have not bypassed the need for cheery and welcoming office aesthetics. Solutions like back painted glass allow an organisation to carry out branding on its walls, doors, entries, etc. and that too permanently. Highly functional and aesthetically appealing glass office designs enable an organisation to increase employee retention by inducing the feeling of belongingness in them.

How does Office Glass Ensure Privacy?

Privacy and stillness are two imperative requirements of office infrastructure. The organisation’s members require paramount concentration during work and confidentiality during their decision-making processes like meetings, brainstorming, etc. Many office glass designs are compatible with the privacy needs of workplaces.

Beginning from visual privacy, frosted glass is used where utmost privacy is required like bathrooms, infirmaries, corporate boardrooms, etc. However, innovation has taken privacy a step further by bestowing smart glass, wherein the opacity level of the glass can be controlled by the flick of a switch.

Office glass designs also facilitate noise-cancelling solutions with acoustic glass variants like laminated glass – having a special PVB interlayer in between two glass sheets. Soundproof office glass solutions can be used in both the exterior and the interior of the office.

Are Office Glass Solutions Energy-Efficient and Low-Maintenance?

Office glass designs reduce the carbon footprint of an office to a great extent. Incorporation of glass walls on the exterior structure eliminates the need for artificial lighting by replacing it with natural sunlight. Since most offices operate during the day time, the degree of energy and power savings is considerably high and noticeable.

Also, glass as a material is easy to maintain. Usage of glass partitions instead of traditional walls is certainly an efficient option as glass partitions don’t require hectic maintenance routines. Whitewashing, repairing, and plastering often becomes a headache in the case of traditional walls. Many glass variants are scratchless and only require simple dusting as regular upkeep and they will last for years on end.

What Is the Delivery and Installation Process for Office Glass Designs?

Delivery and installation process depends on many factors including the volume and category of glass installation. For instance, a façade installation is much more time consuming than interior décor. Other factors such as the size of the office and specifications also contribute to this process. But broadly speaking, a delivery and installation process includes activities like product selection and purchase, site assessment, consultation and decision making, actual installation, project completion and post-installation activities respectively.

Firstly, the office department reaches out to an office glass designs service and discusses its requirements. They select and quote the products and enquire about other factors. Things such as price, quantity, glass category, quality, etc. are decided during the product selection process.

This is followed by an assessment of the office site by the glass service officials. They do an overview and take accurate measurements of the site, give suggestions, and examine their inventory and manpower by the project.

After a thorough analysis of the project, the service providers consult with their office department and offer the cost structure, project duration, technical details, installation schedule, and additional services. All the parameters of installation, delivery, etc. are discussed with the department. These details act as a base for the contract of service.

The glass solutions service offers glass delivery and installation based on the terms decided in the contract. The daily schedule is followed and adhered to as per the terms of service. As time passes by, the project is completed within the stipulated deadline. The service also supports and assists in project completion.

Like every other infrastructural project, an office glass installation process takes time and effort. But the results, in the end, lead to a better working atmosphere and improved performance, which is worth the myriad of work hours put in an office glass design.

Since the process of office glass installation is an investment in itself, a trustworthy partner like AIS Glasxperts is a must. AIS Glasxperts provide customised service and expertise in office glass designs. Our glass solutions will not only take care of your aesthetic needs but also other functionalities such as privacy, safety, energy-efficiency, and acoustic insulation. Get in touch with us today for more information on office glass designs!

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