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Everything you want to know about smart glass

Posted Date: Mar 28, 2023

Smart glass, also known as privacy glass, smart tint, tin table, switchable glass, light control glass, etc., can control all forms of light. These lights can be visible lights, ultraviolet lights, or infrared lights.

These days, smart glass is a big advancement in interior design that helps integrate world-class design with the latest technology and innovation. In short, it optimizes the overall view of both homes and businesses. If your home or office is installed with smart glass, it reduces the need for blinds or curtains but can darken or lighten the place with just one click.

What is smart glass?

Smart glass can turn from clear to frost with the help of a remote control or according to the external temperature. It allows users to control all types of light, heat, and glare in the rooms manually or automatically.

They can be installed in both commercial and residential buildings to make the place elegant. That means smart glass can easily be integrated into building windows, partitions, and several other transparent surfaces.

Types of smart glass

Several companies manufacture smart glass, like AIS Windows. But some common types of smart glasses are manufactured by almost every firm. They are: -

  • Active glass

Smart glass is known as "active glass" when it gets activated due to an electrical charge. Once this active glass changes into a smart glass, its overall appearance and functions change.

  • Passive glass

When smart glass is not active, it is known as passive glass. This glass will act as smart glass but is less efficient than active glass.

What is the primary purpose of smart glass?

The first and foremost benefit of smart glass is that it can be turned on and off via remote control. Apart from that, it also has some other beneficial properties and features, making this material a fantastic product for buildings. They are:

  • They help improve the home's energy efficiency by blocking both UV and IR light.
  • It acts as the safety glass, because of which it is a barrier to forced entry.
  • It is also armed with soundproof properties as it is manufactured by placing the switchable film in between two pieces of glass that are tempered and laminated.
  • It can also be used as a rear projection screen.

How does smart glass work?

This is undoubtedly a common question that many people ask, as well as one of the most difficult to answer. Smart glass and its film contain tiny crystals that perfectly align with electricity and make the glass look transparent.


But if there is no electrical current, all these tiny crystals randomly orient while scattering the light, which makes the glass look milky and opaque.

What is the use of smart glass?

Due to their advantages, smart glasses are becoming highly popular all over the world. You will find this smart glass in almost every hospital and in various residential properties. The reason is that smart glass is a highly versatile product.


Well, you will be surprised to know that any glass can be converted into smart glass. Furthermore, if your home or business has any glass, you can choose to have a smart film applied to that glass to transform it into a switchable glass.

The bottom line

Smart glass is an outstanding invention in the field of science that has already reached most homes worldwide. So, if you are looking forward to installing one in your home, contact AIS Windows, one of the leading manufacturers of smart glass.

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