uPVC Doors & Windows: Top Advantages of Installing Them
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Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Spaces With uPVC Doors and Windows

Posted Date: Nov 01, 2019

Enhance Your Spaces With uPVC Doors and Windows

Be it your home or workplace, redecorating the space from time-to-time keeps the space looking vibrant and lively as ever. Whether you’re renovating the space to enhance décor or to increase the functionality of your space, it is crucial to choose every piece of furniture and equipment carefully. While choosing a wrong item can decrease the efficiency of your space, a thoughtful selection process can help you build the space of your dreams.

However, several homeowners may tend to overlook important aspects such doors and window which create a lasting impression about your space’s interiors. Despite putting in your best efforts to create a luxurious space replete with amenities, the lack of curb appeal can set the premise for a dull space.

More and more designers and homeowners are realising the importance of enhancing the curb appeal of the homes and offices. Not only they make a great first impression amongst your friends and family but also help reel in potential clients into the office with their enchanting exteriors. Looking for durable yet magnificent doors and windows to enrich your space? uPVC doors and windows have garnered a lot of attention as the constant companion for home and office spaces.

The Growing Popularity of uPVC

Based on the formulation of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - a pliable plastic which is used in everyday essentials like wire insulation and clothes, uPVC emerged as a versatile innovation of the modern world. Owing to the distinctive features of uPVC polymer, uPVC doors and windows have become a sensational hit amongst designers and homeowners looking to create a functional yet aesthetic space.

uPVC is highly durable, sturdy and flexible- all of which are vital aspects in creating seamless door and window frames. It possesses a high level of rigidity, remarkable insulative properties and requires low maintenance, making it the material of choice for designing commercial and residential spaces.

Advantages of Installing uPVC Doors and Windows

While uPVC doors and windows have shot up in popularity over the years, you must do your due diligence before investing in any product for your homes and office. So, we’ve compiled a list of some the benefits of installing uPVC doors and windows and why they have gained the reputation of an everyday companion for an attractive space.

Enhanced Durability

One of the top reasons for uPVC doors and windows being regarded as a constant companion is their extreme durability and long shelf life. Owing to their phenomenal saltwater, chemical, termite high-impact and UV-resistant properties, your exteriors maintain their pristine condition for years. uPVC doors and windows also come equipped with rain, sound and wind insulation to create an indoor space as welcoming as your outdoors.

Increased Safety

Renovating your home and office to get rid of lax security? Invest in uPVC doors and windows to keep your family and confidential documents protected from burglars. Their frames are constructed with galvanised steel reinforcements and anti-crowbar features to prevent intruders from breaking in while simultaneously improving the aesthetics of the space’s exteriors. They are also equipped with and fire-retardant properties to prevent any mishaps during a fire hazard.

Enriched Décor

Looking for trendy fenestration solutions for your space? Nothing compares to the simplicity and elegance of uPVC doors and windows. Not only do they enhance the curb appeal of your space but also spruce up the interiors to create a space just as lavish as your entrance. They are designed to be fully customizable right from the size and shape to the colour and glass to ensure that it matches the vibe of your outdoors and indoor space.


All the nature lovers out there are entrusting uPVC doors and windows to become their lifetime companion owing to their non-toxic and 100% recyclable properties. They are BPA, phthalate and lead-free to ensure that there is no carbon footprint left behind. Furthermore, their energy-efficiency properties help regulate indoor temperature and save money on utility bills whilst conserving energy.

Real-Life Applications

Now that you know why uPVC doors and windows are popular for enhancing curb appeal, let’s discuss some of the trendy ways you can incorporate them in your space to dazzle your friends, family and clients.

Sliding Doors and Windows

Looking for the right item to add a dash of class and sophistication to your entrance? Invest in sliding uPVC doors and windows for effortless grace. No other item on the catalogue holds a candle to the simplicity and elegance attached to sliding uPVC doors and windows. They instantly enhance the curb appeal and set the premise for a luxurious space.

Bay Windows

Want to leave your potential customers in awe of your office? Invest in uPVC bay windows to let people get a glimpse of your charming interiors with these uber-chic and roomy window installations. Their unique design maximises space while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your indoor and well outdoor environment. Install bay windows in your home to create a cosy reading nook or just a relaxed seating area to enjoy your lush surroundings.

Looking for the best company in town for uPVC doors and windows installations? Look no further than AIS Glasxperts- the one-stop-shop for all your glass requirements. We offer expert and customised guidance right from product selection, purchase, site assessment and consultation to final installation and post-instalment support. Our mission is to design, innovate and deliver world-class products and services to ensure an immensely satisfying experience for our valued customers.

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